What causes pain in your lower left back?

back pain

This article will concisely explain all possible causes of pain in your lower left back.

There are multiple causes of back pain, which can depend on a variety of natural, physical, mechanical, biological, and psychological factors.

Physical and mechanical causes of lower left back pain

Postural causes: Postural causes of back pain are often born from genetic problems such as scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis. They can also be caused by incorrect posture in the workplace, at school, etc.

In this case, the pain stems from misaligned bones in the spine, which begin to work off-kilter, putting muscles, tendons and cartilage under immense pressure. Particularly affected are:

  • the movement between vertebrae
  • movement of the sacroiliac joints
  • the muscles (especially the psoas and the quadratus lumborum)

Starecta is the expert in dealing with postural pain; especially in patients with problems in great postural imbalance, such as protruding head and shoulders, cervical lordosis, scoliosis, shoulder asymmetry, etc.

Often, when the pain is concentrated onto one side of the body, it arises from problems in posture.

These can be cured with the Rectifier.

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Traumatic causes: Causes based in natural trauma can occur during physical activity, an accident, or even a wrong movement. This can tear, or put pressure upon bones, muscles and tendons.

It is firstly important to see a specialist and receive your diagnosis in order to accurately treat the pain. Creams such as Lasonil, Voltaren and Muscoril are usually prescribed. Occasionally, physiotherapy is also necessary.

Biological and chemical causes of lower left back pain

Incorrect training or even an illness can both cause your back to suffer, inciting pain in the lower left area.

Dietary and visceral vauses: Other than bio-mechanical, physical and postural problems, food intolerances can irritate the intestine (our ‘second brain’). This can also occur in the bowel tract, causing an inflammation which thus causes pain in the lower left back area.

Anyone suffering from an irritable bowel can experience these symptoms, which are intrinsically associated with other digestive problems. This is the most common cause of this type of pain; however, other problems include renal colic, infection, pancreatic problems, hormone disorders, etc.

In all cases, resting is always advisable.

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Illness: In the most serious – but also rarest – cases, lower left back pain can also stem from diagnosable problems.

It must be noted that back pain as a symptom of something more serious is rare. However, it could also be an alarm bell, indicating the presence of an autoimmune disease, a cancer, or damage to the spinal cord.

Psychological or energetic causes of lower left back pain

Many emotional or psychological problems cannot be resolved by the sufferer. Therefore, their bodies lack energy, taking a daily toll on that person.

We know that emotions are often connected to health problems. Poorly-controlled anger and stress can be problematic for our bodily organs and our digestion, but also for our muscles, which become constantly contracted.

In Eastern cultures, the use and knowledge of chakras are widespread, whilst Western countries tend to employ the bio-energetic theories of Alexander Lowen and Willhelm Reich.


plato powers

Wow! This is amazing. I can see and now feel all these destructive forces. Especially after digesting the material in the book. Thanks again for this ingenious discovery!

Plato Powers
United States
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My situation was very bad. I had surgery on my knee and on other part of my body because of my poor posture. I applied this method and now my life has changed completely.

Simone Sincini

It really is amazing! I knew it would be good but i didn’t think it would be this good and work so fast.

Martez McDaniel
United States
Hellen Li

Finally I have no longer problems with my cervical muscles. With the Rectifier I feel perfectly straight, vice versa when I take it off my head tends to fall forward.

Hellen Li
francesco nuzzo

Finally for the first time in 20 years I have found a method to stretch my spine and definitively correct a pronounced lordosis that was causing me a lot of pain.

Francesco Nuzzo
dave rimkus

Day 2 and I am already feeling results. Both mornings my back has felt like it’s gotten a good stretch. My neck feels less tight. And everything from the torso up feels looser.

Dave Rimkus
United States
Audun Jemtland

I was like Moreno in first pic, and it corrected me tremendously in the 1st day. Unbelievable how much change happened in only 3 days.

Audun Jemtland

I feel very balanced and stable, with increased energy. I noticed my inner organs seemed to decompress. Overall i feel very good.

Franziska Altmann

Your product is delivering beyond what should be expected

Max Savin

When examined by two osteopaths both laying and sitting my left leg was longer than my right arm longer than the left. Immediately after inserting the Rectifier these became balanced.

Linda Louise
United Kingdom

I had almost constant neck and shoulder pain on my left side for 10+years. This is now loose as goose. I don’t even feel any desire to go to massages anymore.

Ken Leaver
United States

Feels like something miracle is happening in my body. My shoulder blades are opened having some pain in hips and low back. I think my body is remodeling.

Dr. Pradeep Jirage
Dentist, India

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