Upper Back Pain Solution

upper back pain solution

This article is aimed at everyone who has upper back pain and no longer knows which solution to adopt. You will also understand why all the solutions you have adopted so far have been futile.

Back pains, in addition to the classic back pain affecting the lower back,  can also be located in the upper part of the back, in correspondence with the rib cage and shoulder blades.

The upper part of the back consists of the rib cage (ribs) that interfaces with the dorsal vertebrae. These vertebrae have particular anatomy, with a “Support” presence on the vertebral body for rib-vertebral articulation. This structure represents the trunk, where the scapula rests.

From the osteo-articular point of view, there are many structures, which can potentially create pain behind the shoulder blades or behind the shoulders.

Often those who suffer from this have problems with:

  • scoliosis
  • accentuated dorsal kyphosis
  • neck pain
  • shoulder height asymmetry
  • accentuated cervical lordosis
  • breathing problems
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Upper back pain: medical examinations to be performed?

Certainly, as always, we advise contacting your GP first of all to, for a first visit, and the exclusion of serious pathologies, which require a specialist.

Excluding the “serious” causes, we can proceed with the simplest and cheapest exam: An X-ray.

This test, fast, and above all inexpensive, performed in frontal and sagittal projection (patient positioned frontally and sideways), provides many points for reflection. Firstly, it excludes traumatic causes such as vertebral fractures. It provides us with a real clinical framework of posture and vertebral alignment, showing us the presence of pathologies such as scoliosis that sometimes causes these pains between the shoulder blades or behind the shoulders.

Dorsal magnetic resonance: Only if some doubt persists, and therefore a deeper analysis is required, a more specific examination is possible such as magnetic resonance or a CAT scan.

In the case of a muscular trauma, it is often possible to request an ultrasound to better study the muscular system of the area between the shoulder blades or behind the shoulders. This examination is really rare and is carried out only in the presence of doubts that are not dispelled by the normal clinical examination with a doctor, or to confirm a hypothesis.

In any case, the evaluation is fundamental, provided that it is accompanied by a specialist visit that makes hypotheses about the causes of pain in the upper back area.

Mainstream remedies for the upper back pain.

When pain persists despite everything, one can resort to numerous remedies that can help:

– The most common are painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, which are usually effective when the pain is sporadic and not too intense. They are available in oral form or, if you want to avoid possible complications at the gastric level, in the form of patches, ointments and gels for local use, to be applied directly on the skin where the pain is located. In this case, the release of the active ingredient is slower but still effective. Painkillers do not remove the cause of pain but provide temporary relief

– They are also useful, especially for traumas and recent injuries, or for pain due to arthritis, cold packs or ice, to reduce inflammation. Conversely, to relax tense and contracted muscles, hot packs can also provide relief. This remedy also serves to give relief without addressing the causes of the problem.

– When the pains are recurrent, too intense or prolonged in time, they usually do not respond to this type of remedies and it is necessary to contact a doctor, who will be able to correctly identify the causes of the pain and set an appropriate therapy: even a previous injury, if not treated properly, it can cause recurring pain, even after some time.

Osteopathic treatments, acupuncture and massage therapy that give relief without solving the problem of root pain are very popular.

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The Starecta solution to Upper Back pain.

Set aside the various mainstream ideas listed above, what other solutions are there?

Starecta has invented a Plug and Play postural device capable of acting on the site of our postural bio-mechanism.

This dental bite called the Rectifier acts upon our jaw like a lever capable of supporting the skull and repositioning it in its correct posture so as to extend the spine and balance the muscles of the entire body.

When the skull is supported by the Plug and Play Rectifier, the entire spinal column, the cervical lordosis, dorsal kyphosis and lumbar lordosis are extended. As a result, the scapulae re-enter and the rib cage expands better. This whole process happens naturally and benefits the health of the entire body.

In addition, besides on the sagittal plane, the body’s balance also occurs on the frontal and transverse plane. In this way, the shoulders, the head are realigned and consequently, the postural loads are distributed correctly.

The redistribution of loads in the correct posture reduces pain and makes the body acquire mobility without the aid of painkillers or other unnecessary remedies.

For those suffering from kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis, and various types of body asymmetries, there is nothing worse than listening to some weird trainer or experts in the field who tell you that you need to strengthen certain muscle chains and lengthen others.

These people have had no serious problems and do not understand what it really means to suffer from these pathologies.

The only real way to solve these problems is to wear an instrument that acts on the site of our postural bio-mechanism.

plato powers

Wow! This is amazing. I can see and now feel all these destructive forces. Especially after digesting the material in the book. Thanks again for this ingenious discovery!

Plato Powers
United States
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-28 at 11.17.36

My situation was very bad. I had surgery on my knee and on other part of my body because of my poor posture. I applied this method and now my life has changed completely.

Simone Sincini

It really is amazing! I knew it would be good but i didn’t think it would be this good and work so fast.

Martez McDaniel
United States
Hellen Li

Finally I have no longer problems with my cervical muscles. With the Rectifier I feel perfectly straight, vice versa when I take it off my head tends to fall forward.

Hellen Li
francesco nuzzo

Finally for the first time in 20 years I have found a method to stretch my spine and definitively correct a pronounced lordosis that was causing me a lot of pain.

Francesco Nuzzo
dave rimkus

Day 2 and I am already feeling results. Both mornings my back has felt like it’s gotten a good stretch. My neck feels less tight. And everything from the torso up feels looser.

Dave Rimkus
United States
Audun Jemtland

I was like Moreno in first pic, and it corrected me tremendously in the 1st day. Unbelievable how much change happened in only 3 days.

Audun Jemtland

I feel very balanced and stable, with increased energy. I noticed my inner organs seemed to decompress. Overall i feel very good.

Franziska Altmann

Your product is delivering beyond what should be expected

Max Savin

When examined by two osteopaths both laying and sitting my left leg was longer than my right arm longer than the left. Immediately after inserting the Rectifier these became balanced.

Linda Louise
United Kingdom

I had almost constant neck and shoulder pain on my left side for 10+years. This is now loose as goose. I don’t even feel any desire to go to massages anymore.

Ken Leaver
United States

Feels like something miracle is happening in my body. My shoulder blades are opened having some pain in hips and low back. I think my body is remodeling.

Dr. Pradeep Jirage
Dentist, India

How does the Rectifier affect body posture?

The Rectifier acts by activating the mandibular lever effect.

In practice, the Rectifier bite acts as a fulcrum transforming the jaw from a neutral or disadvantageous third-class lever with the fulcrum in the TMJ area, into an advantageous first-class lever with the fulcrum in the molar area.

When the mandibular lever is activated as a first-class lever, the Rectifier is able to push the skull back and up, stretching the spine and making it possible to correct the usual posture.

In a few words, you will feel a constant stretching and balancing action all over your body and you will be straight with your head, shoulders and back.

In this way, the pain in the upper back disappears.

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