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Starecta is the world’s first and only method for making human body perfectly symmetrical and balanced by applying the principles of biomechanics and the third law of Netwon.

This revolutionary system is able to make the human body perfect from a biomechanical standpoint and is able to take it to its maximum potential regardless of age. Thanks to this method anyone can:

  • obtain incredible performance in every kind of sport
  • reach facial and bodily symmetry in line with the natural beauty standards
  • obtain health and significantly lower the risk of catching diseases
  • considerably lengthen lifespan
  • truly and finally solve all postural problems (kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis, forward head, and forward shoulders posture)

In fact, it was found that the secret to a healthy, long and successful life is mainly based on symmetry and on body balance. Athletes who are registering more durable and consistent success are those having a symmetrical and balanced body.

Therefore, success does not depend only on genetics or motivation or even on hard training. If you are asymmetric and unbalanced, you cannot achieve great success in life.

Symmetry and balanced body is also the secret of centenarians. This is a truth which the scientific community is slowly starting to recognize.

Unfortunately, 95% of the population is unbalanced and asymmetrical and this is the main cause of many diseases and health problems. Food and stress are important factors causing a lack of balance in the body.

Up until now, being symmetrical and balanced was a gift reserved by nature to a fortunate few. One was unable to do much to achieve symmetry later in life.

Fortunately, today it is possible to do this at any age and it is extremely easy thanks to a new and revolutionary technology, called “Starecta”, which was discovered and applied with success by the founders of the homonymous start up.


Starecta is a revolutionary method that takes advantage of the latest discoveries in the field of human biomechanics for balancing the body and making it perfectly symmetrical.

It is mainly based on Newton’s third law and on the law of the lever discovered by Archimedes.

The correct and optimal alignment between jaw and skull is accomplished by inserting the Rectifier, the instrument used to apply Starecta method, in the mouth. This correct alignment is then reflected throughout the body making it symmetrical and perfectly balanced.

Thanks to this technology, all the muscles begin to work simultaneously and, consequently, all the imbalances, which are wrongly considered physiological, disappear.

Any dysmorphisms (scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis) are corrected and the body becomes a super efficient machine able to achieve any success in sports and in life in general.

This method should not be confused with the currently existing therapies, which are highly ineffective.

Who are we?

 We are two former “chronically ill” individuals, who have suffered from scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis and other symptoms related to bad posture.

We have solved our serious problems, which no specialist was able to solve. After being rejected by all the doctors and having lost unnecessary hours in chiropractors’ offices, we have invented this unique method which is revolutionizing the world of biomechanics at global level. We have created a new scientific theory and a method which is infinitely repeatable on any human body.

In time, we realized that our problems were not only being solved but we were opening the doors to a new world. Thanks to this method, our bodies were changing radically to become perfect biomechanical machines.

Why are we doing this?

 We want to see humanity taking the next evolutionary step, and see how an imperfect and sickly body can become new and fully functional. Indeed, we can be part of the next evolutionary step, going from homo sapiens sapiens to homo simmetricus.

Thanks to this discovery, there will be no more postural problems, such as scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis. In addition, humanity will be able to live much longer, athletes will see their career longevity increasing and improve their performances. Many degenerative chronic diseases, caused by bad posture, will permanently disappear.

The greatest results

Valerio Quatrano 

Using Starecta method, I straightened an S-shaped curvature thoracic scoliosis of 30 degrees at 30 years of age. This scoliosis kept me in bed for years. It was an impossible task for any specialist in the field. But using Satrecta method was possible. In addition, currently my body is perfectly balanced and my performances in sports are growing day by day. Also, since I started to use Starecta, I have never had high fever, from which I suffered regularly, three times a year, in the past.

Moreno Conte

I was dying because of my huge postural problems. I thought it was impossible to straighten my horrible back; I was looking worse than the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Also my posture was squeezing my internal organs, veins, arteries and nerves. I used to vomit often, I had difficulties breathing and I had panic attacks. After trying every kind of therapy, with the death breathing down my neck, I finally found the solution to my problems. Thanks to Starecta, I managed to straighten my back, balance my body and return to life. Now many other people in the world are enjoying the benefits of this incredible method which helps the human body reach its maximum potential.


Starecta works with dental practitioners and therapists. Moreover, it operates globally through its online structure (website, community, Academy Online). Customers and prospect customers are from all over the world and the only limit is that of language; in fact, the services are offered exclusively in English.

For now, the core-business of Starecta is based primarily on two products sold online:

1) sale of information for self-applying of the method + postural identification carried out by our team

2) subscription to online academy to study the method and to get to know the available accessory helps.

In the future we plan to

  • open a clinic in every country to reach the greatest number of users (common people, sports clubs).
  • provide courses for the study and application of the method in every part of the world.

PS We already have numerous people from every part of the world asking us about such a project, but we do not have yet the necessary funds to begin.


 In less than 4 months from officially launching our website, we had 158,231 new users, and 2,646 people subscribed to our newsletter. 406 people requested to try Starecta method. 349 people signed up to our secret community. [closed? private?] Spontaneously, a new blog in Swedish was born, which talks with enthusiasm about this method, which has become a topic of discussion everywhere.

 Without any investment we have collected 3,750 dollars in the first 4 months since the activity started.

The article “Body Postures Depends on Teeth” was shared by 2,085 people, had 2,114 Likes and the number of comments exceeded 500 (unfortunately, have disappeared from Facebook because Facebook does not show the total number of comments after reaching a certain number). All this was accomplished with zero advertising costs.

This has been achieved with zero advertising costs, all through word of mouth, forums and blogs.

In the community, those who adopt the method leave continuously testimonies about their personal achievements.

Which Exponential Technology/Technologies are we leveraging and how?

Using biomechanical principles governing the human body, which were discovered by our team, we are able to bring the body into a state of perfect symmetry. In practice, we adjust skull-jaw ratio in order to stretch the spine and allow the muscles to work in perfect synchrony and efficiency.

Initially, we invented this method to solve postural problems, such as scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis and to save our lives. Subsequently, we have seen that this method offers a boundless potential for enhancing human body.

This finding has enormous importance because it can considerably lengthen life, make the body more efficient, allowing it to achieve great sporting performance and reduce the spread of diseases.

To understand this concept, just think that 95% of the people are asymmetric and unbalanced. When a car is out of balance, a wheel works more than the other and it breaks sooner and its life is considerably shorter. On the other hand, if the car is balanced, the weight is evenly distributed throughout the body and it lasts longer.

The same can be said about human body.

Which Global Grand Challenge do we specifically address and how do we aim to solve it?

Starecta is the first and only method currently (really) operational which allows the human being to make, and control the next evolutionary step: from homo sapiens sapiens to homo simmetricus.

This method is able to bring (strengthen) the human body to the next level and to acquire beauty, strength, endurance, agility, symmetry, long life and great sporting performance.

Contrary to what the modern medicine believes, the well-being and lengthening of human life span is not influenced only by the biochemical element (food) but by the biomechanical element (body symmetry and balance).

To understand this concept just compare a Ferrari with a Fiat. If you put good grade gasoline in a Fiat and bad grade gasoline in a Ferrari and then run them against one another, Ferrari will still win. In the same way, if you eat correctly and your body is asymmetric you will always be less efficient and you will have a shorter life than a person with a perfect body structure.

Thanks to this brand new technology, we are able to transform the human body in a perfect machine at any age.


Email us to info@starecta.com

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