To straighten the back we need to intervene by means of the teeth

skull no rectifier
skull with rectifier

Why do we need to do this by means of the teeth?

We have to do this by means of the teeth because these are embedded in the jaw. The jaw is the scaffolding that the skull rests on.

In fact, if the teeth are sufficiently extruded on the scaffolding, the skull is driven upwards. A skull that is thrust upward stretches the spine. In this way unphysiological curvatures (kyphosis, lordosis and scoliosis) are eliminated.

The role of the jaw is fundamental in this process of recalibrating the posture. In fact the jaw is a bone of the splanchnocranium, a single bone with two equal halves. It is the only bone of the face that has a mobile joint, the temporomandibular joint.

Being the only joint provided with a moveable joint, the jaw finds itself suspended between the hyoid bone and the skull. It becomes a stable and load-bearing structure only at the moment of occlusal contact.

Maximum stability is created more precisely in the swallowing phase. As well, its mobility makes it difficult to understand the fact that it can be a solid fulcrum and of fundamental importance in maintaining the skull. It is precisely this dual nature that makes the jaw, together with the teeth and the stomatognathic system, the basis on which the cranium rests in this closed-circuit system.

Consequently, what makes it hard to understand the nature of the jaw is the fact that it doesn’t provide the skull with constant support. For this reason, not everyone today shares this view of its possessing a dual role. For this reason the load-bearing role of the jaw is not sufficiently appreciated.
In addition it is necessary to say that occlusal contact takes place either involuntarily (part. during swallowing) or voluntarily (part. when clenching the teeth).

The support of the skull by means of occlusal contact becomes the most stable during a stronger closure of the jaw. In fact, during the act of swallowing the muscles of the stomatognathic system go into action, and it is precisely at that moment that the jaw becomes a solid structure, just like the mast of sailboat supported by sheets.

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