Is Starecta useless? Can I go directly to the dentist and lift my dental height?

In this report I will explain to you why you can not go to the dentist and get you to lift your teeth in half a day, because a long and complex process is needed.

Sometimes, rarely, fortunately, someone comes to ask us if instead of starting the Starecta process it is possible to go to the dentist and lift the dental height in one shot.

For these people there are two answers: a simple one and a more complex one. The simple one is the following: “according to you, if it were that simple, would not we have thought of it?”. But since the human mind is always looking for answers, I decided to realize a report in which I deal with this issue in details. So if people in the future will ask me this question, I can let them read this report for a complete answer.

So let us start from the beginning: “Is it possible to avoid following the long procedure of the Starecta method, and getting the dental height up in half a day from the dentist?”

Theoretically, it would seem reasonable, if I have to lift the dental height it is better to do it once instead of losing years in a long process. Yet this way of thinking is completely wrong.

Our body is not a construction in bricks. We can not do as it is a dwelling, where you can add some more bricks to build an attic. Our body is not a house in bricks!

Can I directly lift the dental height without following the long Starecta process? No, you can not!

There is a significant difference between a construction in bricks (belonging to mechanic) and an organism (belonging to biology). If you know the difference between mechanic and biology, you can instantly understand how it is different a human body from a house in bricks.

But that is not all, indeed to lift the dental height is not the only characteristic of Starecta. In fact the skull does not only skins, but during the postural collapse the skull and the body tend also to rotate on themselves. So it is not just about to lift, but also to rotate the body.

Dental height is not all

We have already explained it several times, but repetita iuvant. Starecta does not just lift your teeth and strain your backbone, this is the easy explanation we give to those who are not expert and do not want to study difficult subject as posturology.

The truth is, Starecta gets all the body back in symmetry. But in order to do this, it is necessary that soft tissue and body muscles adapt themselves to the new posture that we give to it. This process happens slowly and with a progressive adjustment of posture. The progressive adjustment takes place thanks to the changes of Rectifier we do periodically.

Every 10-15 days, more or less, muscles adapt themselves to the new posture, so it is needed to adjust again the Rectifier. Every time the Rectifier is modified, the body is prompted to symmetry. Since we are biological organisms, this is the only possible procedure. When we will be robots, maybe things will be easier, but for now we have to deal with our nature.

Why does it proceeds progressively? When the body is in a phase of postural collapse, it follows a path in which there is a progressive collapse. When the body is fixed on a point, then it continues to collapse, then the scapula moves, the vertebra is inclined and time by time hyperlordosis, hyperkyphosis and scoliosis are created. When we want to bring back the body to symmetry, we have to follow the same procedure, but in the opposite way.

If the postural collapse is slow, the postural adjustment is also carried out with the same rhythm.

So if the head has turned on itself, you have to wait for it to reverse in the opposite direction and then you can correct the rest of the body. All of that takes time and progressive adjustments. Good news is that this is a natural procedure and it does not require your commitment. Simply following the registration procedure, the body is heading for the postural symmetry.

Teeth that cling literally to the Rectifier turn the body and pus hit to the symmetry. So it happens a double procedure: stretching and rotation of the body.

Now, imagine you just go to the dentist and suddenly lift your dental height. Maybe you feel better for some days, but then the situation would come back as before because the body will be asymmetrical again. Muscles will be used to this new condition by immediately losing the tension generated by the “change” of the occlusion. In short, it is like taking a painkiller, nothing good happens in the long run.

That is why you have to follow the Starecta procedure: because you need permanent benefits.

plug and play rectifier

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