Starecta Postural Identification (SPI)

The SPI will be made directly by our experts

Don't you know if you need to wear the Rectifier? Ask For a Starecta Postural Identification (SPI)

The Starecta Postural Identification let you know:

What kind of specific problems you have

A general estimation of how much time you need to balance your posture

A visual explanation of your situation

Which part of your body is more contracted

You Will Finally Understand the Real Cause of Your Postural Problem

What Will You Receive?

5 Pictures of your body with postural lines: frontal, left profile, right profile, back, face

A detailed written text which explain your actual situation

Finally, you will understand if your body needs the Rectifier and for how long (It will be an estimation).

Ask Now For a Starecta Postural Identification (SPI)

After filling out the form you will receive an email with our instructions. The Starecta Postural Identification (SPI) costs 95$.

After the payment you will receive our instructions to your paypal email

For SPI we do not require x-rays. We need only 5 pictures. 

X-rays do not provide enough information on muscular compensation.

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