How To Solve Your Cervical Problems For Good, Without Having To Deal With Massages And Painkillers Anymore For The Rest Of Your Life

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After reading this report the only massage you will ask for is that of your lover only for the pure aim of pleasure and not for pain or to unlock your neck.

This report is intended for those who have cervical problems and cannot solve them, those that are going through hell, seeing their mobility reduced and having to deal with continuous massages made by relatives, friends, lovers and specialists.

If you have cervical pain then you’ll see that this is perhaps the most important article you’ll read today. I know exactly how you feel because I have also suffered of the same pain for a long time.

We know that the pain in the neck is usually caused by a muscle contracture and that it does not remain localized only in the cervical area.

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Symptoms may be of varying degrees, ranging from a simple stiff neck to a pain that can extend up to the arms making all movements difficult, from nausea, vertigo with dizziness, loss of balance, or ringing in the ears, to hearing problems, due to the fact that nerves pass in the cervical area.

What’s more is that these symptoms worsen with age more and more until they become unbearable!!!!!

But that’s not all, if you have pain in the neck, you’ll also have super-contract muscles. Your cervical area will be hard, contracted and tense until the spasm. In practice, your cervical area looks like a fortified concrete wall built as a protection from atomic bombs. Like those built under the ground during the Cold War.

Those who try to put their hands on your shoulders think you’re crazy, hysterical, over-stressed and that you are a person too nervous for their liking. I’m not kidding, that’s exactly what I’ve been told. I’ve been told that I was too nervous, that I had to calm down and to take life in a more relaxed way, “you’re too tense, relax your shoulders, boy!”

The problem is that the shoulders cannot relax because it is biomechanically impossible. In order to relax them you have to tackle the roots of the problem.

The discomfort in the neck will not relent in the slightest, so you will start to ask friends and family to give you back massages.

But that’s not enough, because some massages won’t make you feel any better.

And so it comes the moment for painkillers, bandages and hot infusions. These remedies will provide relief for a few hours, but then the problem comes back, as the sun every morning.

There is nothing to do, the pain does not leave, and so you decide to take the fatal step: you need to contact a massage specialist. Visit a chiropractor!

The problem is that the chiropractor is committed like hell to find your trigger points and then after three hours the pain is back as before. That’s the way it works when you have massages: if it all goes well you’re fine for a few hours and then you go back to the previous situation.


Considering that not even the chiropractor could solve your problem you choose to go for the extreme remedy: you start to have injections to relax your muscles. The problem is that these medicines obviously in the long run can hurt. How many injections are you going to have done in your lifetime? It cannot work for long.

So what? Is there no remedy? Are you condemned to suffer from cervical forever?

What is the real reason for cervical pain?

If you ask around you will be told that cervical problems are caused by a lot of different symptoms: cold shock, poor posture, stress, anxiety, sedentary lifestyle, compression of the vertebrae.

In short: it’s all false!

Indeed, the cause of cervical problems is mainly attributable to a fact: the mandibular skull displacement. In fact an unbalanced body, with a dropping skull that brings with it the crushing of the vertebrae and muscular compensation in that area are all factors that generally can cause the squeezing of the cervical zone.

A few examples:

– When the skull drops because of the skull mandibular imbalance it can crush on the vertebrae
– The imbalance causes bad posture
– Work-related stress is hyper-amplified on a body that already has its own muscles in tension due to displacement (see the risks of muscular compensation)
– Even catching a chill may be emphasized by the skull mandibular imbalance. In fact, when it’s cold the muscles contract and then pull down the skull that crushes on the vertebrae and burdens on the neck area.

All symptoms of neck pain are actually caused, or emphasized, by the skull mandibular imbalance. So if you find a remedy for your skull mandibular imbalance then you can even sort your neck pain, in a definitive way.

To fully understand this concept you have to know that all people suffering from cervical pain have a skull mandibular imbalance problem. Or they have a skull that is slowly dropping. You don’t notice it because it is a long process that takes years, but it is actually starting from the second week after conception.

If you are part of the 90% of people, you need to know that your body will develop at least one of the consequences of the skull mandibular imbalance: scoliosis, panic attacks, lordosis, kyphosis, cervical problems, TMD / TMG disorders, etc …

In general these symptoms start to appear around the age of 20 and you begin to suffer from a number of problems. Among these there may also be neck and cervical pain.

At the beginning people tend to try with some chiropractic sessions or with a few home-made massages, but time is your cervical worst enemy and these remedies tend to become less and less effective with time.

Going forward with age this pain becomes unbearable and you have to start taking a number of drugs and painkillers.

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Does everyone suffer cervical pain?

But then there are those people who do not suffer at all from cervical problems.

Those lucky people do not suffer because they have a proper teeth extrusion. Indeed, a sufficient teeth extrusion avoids the dropping of the skull, which remains in its ideal position not generating those postural problems that cause neck and cervical pain.

Even if what I say sounds crazy it is the truth and it is the only path you can undertake to solve your neck problems. So be patient and then proceed straight on this path. You’re lucky because we’ve already cleared the way so you don’t have to discover anything. The only effort you need to do is to carry on reading.

If you’re wondering if this story of the collapsing skull is a stupid thing then there is a very quick way to check out your skull mandibular imbalance.

Just go in front of a mirror and look at yourself: if you see one eye open more than the other, one shoulder higher than the other, one ear higher than the other, or a crooked nose, that means that you’re unbalanced and that sooner or later you will have neck problems (or maybe you already have them). Hence, the problem is your imbalance!

You can take all the drugs in the world or you can visit the best physiotherapists, but you will never solve the roots of the problem. The only way to eliminate your cervical pain and to completely unblock your neck is to remove your skull mandibular imbalance.

What happens if you manage to get a balanced body?

Since I adopted the Starecta method and I solved the problem of skull mandibular imbalance I can say with confidence that it has finally sorted my neck pain. Not only that, but I can indulge in activities that some time ago were only a dream:

– I can sleep the way I want to, even with double pillows, my head in wrong position and in the most `incorrect` way. Despite this, the next morning I have no pain in the neck.
– I can sit for hours on a chair in front of the computer without feeling any pain.
– I haven’t seen a physical therapist or a chiropractor for years
– The only exercises I do are not aimed to reduce the pain in the neck, but to strengthen my muscles, look more beautiful and toned and be successful with the girls.
– The only tingling in the arms or hand I feel is when my girlfriend wants to wake me up gently. It is certainly not caused by poor posture or neck pain.
– All the anti-inflammatory drugs are expired; I’ll get rid of them when I have a moment.

Indeed the Starecta method does something as simple as effective to solve postural and cervical problems.

The Starecta method uses the Recifier to raise the skull and end its collapsing that is literally causing a cataclysm in your body (including pain in the neck). In the picture below you can see how the Rectifier prevents the collapsing and brings back the skull in its correct position.

starecta posture mechanism

But let’s see what happens on a real body when we apply this revolutionary method.

In the picture below we can see an X-ray of a person (Simone) who adopted the Starecta method and wore the Rectifier. You can see how in the X-ray in which the person is not wearing the Rectifier all vertebrae are crushed. Conversely in the picture with Rectifier all vertebrae are stretched. It’s easy: you can see it clearly.

Let us repeat it once again: without the Rectifier your skull goes down and pushes down your spine that is forced to stay in a smaller space. In contrast, with the Rectifier the skull is back on it upper position, the column stretches and the neck can relax.

Nothing simpler than that. Even a child could understand it.

neck pain solution

The only way to solve your neck problems is therefore to use the Starecta method and get your Rectifier.

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