Success Case #3: Simone Sincini

Year of Birth: 1981

Diagnosis: Idiopathic gastroparesis, Pseudo chronic intestinal obstruction, Intestinal autoimmune neuropathy

Symptoms: Chronic pain, Nausea, Vomit, Abdominal pain, Weight loss

Postural Balancing Duration: 3 years 6 months

Contacts: simone.sincini[et]


After 10 useless surgical operations I have been saved by a simple dental bite.





My Return to Life

Simone Sincini in his life had 10 surgical operations before trying with Starecta. He operated stomach (gastrectomy) and knee. To be precise 2 times to the stomach and 2 to the knee.

For him operations were a normal part of his life. His story is very incredible because he had a lot of wrong diagnosis. Because of these wrong diagnosis he had to operate his stomach. In fact his stomach did not work at all. But no doctor was able to understand the cause of his problem.Simone Sincini before starting his odyssey were a professional football player in the Civitanova Soccer Club. But he had to stop his career because of this strange problem to the stomach.

Doctors said his disability was 100%. Some of his common accidents were: left shoulder, left hip and left knee. All these accidents happened on the left side of his body. Afterwards he understood the real motivation of these strange accidents.

At the end on any exercise Simone had many pains along his body, nausea and a feeling of vomiting.In 2014 his calvary started. He had many surgical operations until 2011

He realized he was crooked. Before applying the new method he already could relate his posture to his stomach illness but doctors did not pay any attention to his posture. They only wanted to operate him.In 2007 in Bologna doctors removed completely his stomach. After this operations his body weight was 40kg.

He could not work anymore and he had to stop to play football. His life was awful.In 2009 his muscular and physical conditions worsen even more. Some doctors decided to prescribe him psychotropic drugs. For him started a very bad period. So he decided to focus his energies on family and on faith. He went on pilgrimage to Medjugorje.

Fortunately he joined a community of people who were trying to apply some experimental techniques to straighten a spine, correct posture and get the symmetry in a natural way. Some of these technique were useless others seemed powerful. There he met Moreno and together started this new path toward symmetry.

As we said before he already realized his problems were caused by postural problems: his organs, his nerves and endocrine glands were compressed by his spine.He start to balance his body, his left side start to stretch, the atlas decompress, his pains disappear.

Now his life is enormously better, now he can play football again, he can go by cycle and this bad experience it’s part of his past.

All the medical documents and endocrine exams

Here you can see how a biomechanical problem can interfere with a biochemical problem

Look how LH and FSH before Starecta were 0,2 and 0 and then after Starecta 9,7 and 6,5. These exams demonstrate how the gonadotropins hormones are affected by an unbalanced body. Gonadotropins are protein hormones secreted by anterior pituitary. This gland is located on the basis of the skull. These hormones regulate male and female reproductive organs functions. This gonadotropin is also given in the sports field to reactivate the testicular production of testosterone.