Plug and Play Rectifier

The Plug and Play Rectifier is the easiest and more effective device to restore a good body symmetry. It can be activated in 5 minutes, you don’t need any experience.


Starecta Exercises Suite

The Starecta Suite Exercises is very effective to support the work provided by your Rectifier. Help your body to get straight by forcing it into symmetry.


Tailored Rectifier

The Tailored Rectifier is the most advanced tool to restore the body symmetry. It is for people who want to have full control over they balancing process.


Come to Italy Program

Come to Italy to meet our team and be followed by experts to start your journey into body symmetry world. We will activate a Tailored Rectifier for you.


Starecta Postural Identification (SPI)

The Starecta Postural Identification is the most effective analysis able to identify your asymmetries and unbalances.


Replacements Parts

The Tailored Rectifier has many parts, this section is dedicated to replacements. You can buy resin or easily substitute some broken tool from here.