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Balance Your Body to Heal Your Postural Symptoms

The Rectifier: the Plug and Play Tool that Will Balance Your Body

Here are the main symptoms that Starecta is typically employed to resolve:

Starecta is a holistic method that simultaneously resolves numerous problems in your body - because it directly addresses the actual cause of your problems.

Scoliosis, Khyphosis, Lordosis

Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Cervical Pain

Cervical Problems

Chronic Fatigue

Sleep Apnea, Oral Breathing

Facial Asymmetry, Pelvis Asymmetry, Shoulder Asymmetry, Adbominal asymmetry, Legs Asymmetry

Frequent Sport Injuries

Anxiety, Panic Attack, Tachycardia

Autonomic nervous system Dysfunction

Alimentary dysfunctions, Nausea, Vomit



SUCCESS STORY: Ilaria Fiorelli

Today I am another person; I finally feel good both emotionally and physically.

"Initially I started waking up with excruciating pain and a stiff neck that I could not even move. At that time I was feeling weak and was spending lot of time in bed. With time these problems increased: I started to have severe headaches, dizziness and depression problems.

Going forward things got worse and worse. The simple act of standing caused me headaches (24 hours a day), neuralgia, eye problems, conjunctivitis, nasal breathing problems (I was feeling like my nose was always closed), toothache, skin problems of eczematous origin, tachycardia, back pain, hiatal hernia, dyspepsia, knee pain, tingling everywhere, recurrent herpes, bleeding from the nose, eyes converging, flat feet, intestinal problems, circulatory problems and cold feeling along the body (especially on my feet).

I could not even open my mouth that my jaw was getting locked. I could not swallow and was also doing a huge effort just by standing up. I also had to stop all work activities. But above all, my feet were those causing me more pain. They were always flushing and my heels were always burning.

I could not walk and make a living like all healthy people; I did not even have the strength to open a bottle. Also I was getting often sick and had gynecological and hormonal problems so much that I was often suffering of amenorrhea. I was afraid of having a bad autoimmune disease, and then I did several tests (Waaler Rose, Reumatest).

I visited several doctors. The rheumatologist prescribed me Xanax and Fans. But Xanax was putting me into dotage and was not solving anything, so I tried muscle relaxants that did not bring me any benefit anyway. Later I went to the cardiologist who diagnosed me hypotension and sinus tachycardia.

Then I discovered the Starecta Method and I started to apply it.

As time was going by, even the pain in the morning would go down and I could get out of bed without problems. How nice! Aside from the surprise, hormones had started to work well, the skin turned more beautiful and brighter.

Since then I haven’t had any nose bleeding and all the eczema that I was having in the mandible zone disappeared. Today I am another person; I finally feel good both emotionally and physically."

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What Some Customers Say About Starecta

What makes Starecta unique is the way it balances the body to solve all problems associated with postural imbalance and structural asymmetries.

For the first time there is a method capable of straightening out a twisted spine in a totally natural way.

Starecta is a method that takes advantage of several laws of Newtonian mechanics applied to the human body, understood as a musculoskeletal, biomechanical system, in order to bring the body back to a correct posture.

By means of a lever, the Starecta Method can allow the spine to stretch itself in a totally natural way. By “natural” we mean that it is the body itself that regulates itself until it regains its proper position.

This means that the lever is non-invasive and does not eliminate the physiological curves of a healthy spine; it simply removes the morphological alterations of a twisted spine, those curvatures that go by the names of scoliosis, hyperlordosis and hyperkyphosis.

At the end of treatment the individual will have a truly symmetrical spine. All the activities that were discouraged before (competitive sports, gymnastics, rugby, Greco-roman wrestling, etc.) can be done in a normal way and with good results.

Symmetry of the body and a straight spine allow the body to better conserve its own energy and to use it profitably in daily life.In addition, straightening out the spine frees the internal structures of the body from compressions caused by the curvature. In this way, by bringing the spine back to its proper position, the internal structures begin to function very well again and blood flow increases.

This stimulates a noticeable reduction of the probability of developing medical conditions of various kinds.In this sense the Starecta Method plays an indirect role in preventative medicine in so far as it is able to improve the overall state of health of the body and contribute to the prevention of disease.

So, what happens to your body when you apply the Starecta Method?

The balancing process and the return into symmetry will literally involve a Copernican revolution in your body: the body will become widely more elastic, the center of gravity will lower, your balance will improve dramatically (you will feel like being on a planet without gravity), respiration will become deeper, the diaphragm will work much better and all the muscles will work in symmetry. Why is a car built in a symmetrical way?

Try to run a Ferrari with a flat tire, in no time it will ruin and become unusable. The same symmetry must pervade your body if you want to live longer and healthier with amazing results in every area of your life from sport to work, up to human relationships.

The Starecta method, through the use of the Rectifier™ serves precisely to achieve symmetry and make you able to achieve those results that until now were only a fantasy.

"Wow! This is amazing. I can see and now feel all these destructive forces. Especially after digesting the material in the book. Thanks again for this ingenious discovery!"

Plato Powers, The First US Citizen in History to Balance His Body

A Symmetrical and Balanced Body is Key for a Succesful Life

A perfect posture makes the human body super-efficient, capable of undertaking any type of activity with little expenditure of energy. A perfect posture noticeably reduces the possibility that this bio-machine (the human body) might break down in some way (for example, through sports injuries, ailments, lack of concentration, development of chronic illnesses, etc.).Yet, up to now, no human being has succeeded in achieving such a physiological condition. Only a few fortunate ones are able to come close to symmetry such a condition

(great sportsmen, models, a few actors). Often such individuals are successful athletes, people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Usain Bolt, or perhaps the soccer player, Javier Zanetti.Compared to “common” human beings those people listed above almost appear to be superior beings. A few of them never seem to grow old; they continue to accumulate successes in their professional lives, maintaining the highest level of performance throughout the course of their lives.

But from today, things are changing. Now it is possible to bring about a state of perfect posture by means of biomechanical equilibrium and a specific methodology. A symmetrical and well-balanced body allows a human being to have perfect posture. Such a condition can give every human being the possibility of achieving great results in every field.With a well-balanced physique anyone can excel and achieve success in the activities that he loves. In fact, we have learned that the fundamental physical characteristics that make successful people the way they are, are essentially

these three: perfect posture and a symmetrical body, facial and bodily symmetry on the frontal plane, a perfectly straight back, provided with harmonious, physiological curves on the sagittal plane. Symmetry and a straight back really do constitute the fundamental elements of a successful, fulfilled life. You can see, in these famous figures, how well-developed and symmetrical their jaws are.

Look below how cheekbones, mandible and facial muscles develop and become symmetrical after the Starecta Method

What happen to the body with the Starecta Method?


I Was Dying, No Expert Was Able to Help Me! I Had to Discover a Method To Real Straighten My Spine Out and Solve All my Symptomes

As a child I had countless health problems because of my forward posture. My head was falling forward, my back was curved, my shoulders curved and closed and I had a much accentuated lumbar lordosis.

I had to stop practicing all these activities because at one point I found myself forced to stay in bed in pain because of my totally wrong posture.

My muscles were offset to the point of compressing internal organs such as the lungs, heart, stomach, intestines. I could never forget the first panic attack I had when I was 18. From then up to when I was 24, my life has been a total downward spiral made of disabling symptoms.

My body continued to collapse on itself and no one understood what was happening. Family members told me I was a hypochondriac, and for this reason I have been visiting many psychologists and psychiatrists. I was vomiting a lot because my stomach was forced into a vise and above all I was breathing with difficulty.

My diaphragm was totally blocked. That was at that time when I began a fanatic research that brought me the first inspirational thought as I have extensively described in the first part of the book "How I Finally Straightened My Spine Out".

It was something incredible; finally I had achieved the dream of being able to straighten my back. Month after month I could see my curves resuming their proper physiological size in a completely natural way. In this process those muscles, shortened by years and years of compensation, finally could really stretch while the others got shorter.

Finally I had realized the dream of a lifetime: a straight back!

Not Only Straightening Spines

The Starect Method is not only capable of straightening the back and improving the general health of the body, helping to prevent illness, but it is also capable of improving the physical performance of a more erect body.

A body in symmetry has to consume less energy to keep going, thus it can help others to improve physical performance and reinforce the muscular structure.

Athletes with a proper, straight skeletal structure are those who use less energy to achieve their own successes in sports. An athlete who is asymmetrical has to work harder to achieve results in competitive sports.

Balanced Body: the fourth factor for an healthy life

Doctors tell us that diseases generated through the years in our body are essentially a consequence of a combination of three factors: genetics, diet and lifestyle (sedentary lifestyle, stress, the environment where we live, etc.).

Moreno came to a sensational discovery: there is a fourth key factor that determines the progress of aging and disease. This fourth factor is determined by postural conditions. If your skull is not sufficiently supported by the teeth, it tends to press on the spine pushing it down.

With age, the body tends to collapse and twist on itself like a wrung cloth if it is not sufficiently supported by a proper teeth extrusion. If the skull is not properly supported, it tends to push down (literally to sink) narrowing the space available to the spine that consequently curves (it is for this reason that scoliosis, lordosis or kyphosis arise).

With a body like that your life expectancy decreases because certainly in this collapsing process the underlying structures (organs, nerves, arteries, veins) tend to compress and to work badly creating numerous physical, esthetical and psychic symptoms such as chronic fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, headaches, pain in the neck ....

What Centenaries Have in Common?




In 10 months I have made more progress towards resolving my scoliosis than in 20 years

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SUCCESS STORY: Simone Sincini

Simone Sincini in his life had 10 surgical operations before trying with Starecta. He operated stomach (gastrectomy) and knee. To be precise 2 times to the stomach and 2 to the knee.

For him operations were a normal part of his life. His story is very incredible because he had a lot of wrong diagnosis. Because of these wrong diagnosis he had to operate his stomach. In fact his stomach did not work at all. But no doctor was able to understand the cause of his problem.

Simone Sincini before starting his odyssey were a professional football player in the Civitanova Soccer Club. But he had to stop his career because of this strange problem to the stomach.Doctors said his disability was 100%.

Some of his common accidents were: left shoulder, left hip and left knee. All these accidents happened on the left side of his body. Afterwards he understood the real motivation of these strange accidents.

At the end, on any exercise Simone had many pains along his body, nausea and a feeling of vomiting.In 2014 his calvary started. He had many surgical operations until 2011.

As we said before he already realized his problems were caused by postural problems: his organs, his nerves and endocrine glands were compressed by his spine.

He start to balance his body, his left side start to stretch, the atlas decompress, his pains disappear. Now his life is enormously better, now he can play football again, he can go by cycle and this bad experience it’s part of his past.

Here you can see how a postural biomechanical problem can interfere with a biochemical problem

Look how LH and FSH before Starecta were 0,2 and 0 and then after Starecta 9,7 and 6,5. These exams demonstrate how the gonadotropins hormones are affected by an unbalanced body. Gonadotropins are protein hormones secreted by anterior pituitary. This gland is located on the basis of the skull. These hormones regulate male and female reproductive organs functions. This gonadotropin is also given in the sports field to reactivate the testicular production of testosterone.



Why is the Rectifier different from other dental bites?

The difference between the Starecta method and all other types of dental bites consists in the fact that the Starecta method uses the bio-human mechanics laws to create the missing space necessary for balancing your body in a natural way.

The balancing process allows all the bones, muscles, tendons, organs, nerves and arteries to return into the place that best suits them, in the highest physiological ranks respecting the harmony of the whole body.

By this way the body is re-balanced. Conversely, all other dental bites that ignore the origin of such bio-mechanism will never really solve your problem.

In fact they are not structured to make sure that the corrected occlusion can transfer the neuromuscular forces to the underlying structures. In short, they are totally useless and ineffective and give the same benefit that chewing a pen.

SUCCESS STORY: Valerio Qutrano

I Spent my Youth Reading in a Bed While my Friends Were Playing Sport and Having Fun

The worst day of my life was when I first suffered pain in my spine. I was 16 years old and I did not know what was happening to me. I did not know that I was developing a damn scoliosis. My parents told me that it was a simple back pain and I shouldn’t worry.More back pains followed, many more.

So many that when I was 18 I had to go to an orthopedist that, after checking my back, ruled my death sentence: "30 degrees scoliosis, impossible to fix it. Your life is fucked!"

My life was screwed although I found it out only later, when during my years at University, all my friends started going to the gym and to the pool to train and shape their bodies. If scoliosis was not enough, my spine had begun to twist on itself, just like a medieval torture tool.

My saga was not over; not just my youth was burned, but now the prospect future of a sore adulthood was expecting me. That’s when I met Moreno and together we decided to try something new, to go beyond the ordinary knowledge of the scientific world. First we decided to do this just for ourselves, but then we realized that we could do it for others as well.

After countless failed attempts I still remember the intuition that Moreno had: the simple intuition that made modern science research progressing enormously. The intuition that kept us awake whole nights was the damn lever that no one else could see, and that we had seen in all its potential. It was that lever that could bring the body back in symmetry.

You could really bring the body back in symmetry; it was not just a theory.In the activities in which I am venturing (tango, etc.) people look at me in amazement and ask the secret of my success. "How comes that you were a total wimp, you could not even move a few steps and now it seems like you just came out from the dance school in Vienna?"

Straightening my back has literally imposed a Copernican revolution in my body: my body is vastly more elastic, my centre of gravity got lower, my balance has improved, my breathing is deeper, and my diaphragm works much better.

Stay Tuned and Follow our Results

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What Problems Can You Solve with Starecta?

Scoliosis, Kyphosis and Lordosis

Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Cervical Pain

Cervical Problems

Chronic Fatigue

Sleep Apnea, Oral Breathing

Facial Asymmetry, Pelvis Asymmetry, Shoulder Asymmetry, Adbominal asymmetry, Legs Asymmetry

Frequent Sport Injuries

Anxiety, Panic Attack, Tachycardia

Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction

Alimentary dysfunctions, Nausea, Vomit

What goals can Starecta help you achieve more easily?

Better sports performance

Resistance, power, speed and muscular development

Facial and body Symmetry

Improved Balance and neuro-motor coordination

Re-balancing your body’s natural symmetry

The balancing of the body is a natural process that allows your body adopt its optimal biomechanical condition. Therefore, we advise everyone to carry out a balancing process if they want to get the most out of their life and their bodies.

Until now, Starecta has been limited to a few lucky people ‘in the know’. But now you too can balance yourself and achieve the results that our original Body Balancers are obtaining by joining a limited circle of people undertaking this transformation process.

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More Testimonials

"This method is extraordinary and it will conquer the world in a brief time, because it allows human beings to achieve symmetry of face and body. It deserves a Nobel prize!" - Leong Lili - Malaysia

"Finally I have no longer problems with my cervical muscles. With the Rectifier I feel perfectly straight, vice versa when I take it off my head tends to fall forward." - Hellen Li - China

"Finally for the first time in 20 years I have found a method to stretch my spine and definitively correct a pronounced lordosis that was causing me a lot of pain." - Francesco Nuzzo - Italy

"Now I can look at the horizon. My hyper-lordosis is disappearing despite my advanced age" - Renato Conte - Italy

"I adopted the Starecta method because I had a problem with my spine. This problem was causing me a lot of pain. After following this method method for three weeks, that irritating pain on the right side of my back finally went away." -Monica Gargiulo - Italy

"My lordosis seemed to be irreversible. Physicians told me that I had to give up hope. But with Starecta method I am straightening up my spine. Without the Rectifier, I feel lack of support." - Giovanni Guerriero - Italy

"My daughter is correcting her scoliosis. I am really happy to be able to give her a life full of satisfaction now. Without Starecta I couldn’t have done it." - Antonio Cataluddi - Italy

"Oh my God, so that's what it is! Hahaha Not that I had complaints before Plato started using Starecta... but I DEFINITELY see the changes...!! hahaha I think ALL MEN should start Starecta then!! What a great discovery! " - Veronica Powers - USA

"Wow! This is amazing. I can see and now feel all these destructive forces. Especially after digesting the material in the book. Thanks again for this ingenious discovery!" - Plato Powers - USA

"My situation was very bad. I had surgery on my knee and on other part of my body because of my poor posture. I applied this method and now my life has changed completely." - Simone Sincini - Italy- -

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