Why is the Power Balance Famous while the Rectifier is not, although the first one does not work while the second one does?

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After reading this article you will understand why—so often—we actually prefer to throw away our money for articles that do not work, like for example the Power Balance, only to be in trends and alligned with fashion, or maybe just to simply follow the mass psychology, rather than choosing to ascertain the functionality of some product, personally. Besides, this article will also bring the existence of the Rectifier to your attention—a real device, that nobody talks about which, in spite of the Power Balance, actually does work according to physical, scientific, and bio-mechanical laws, like for instance „the mandibular lever effect”! It is able to really balance your entire body, as shown in the images presented within the ‘before and after’ frame, or proved by scientific documents, and testimonies from people who have actually tried it.

We all know the Power Balance—that rubber bracelet with a shining sticker called a hologram, which was known to have quantum and magnetic powers. The success of this bracelet was incredible—given the fact that it does not work at all—as the scientific research presented by Wikipedia shows.( see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Balance). Everyone is under the placebo effect of some tests that have no scientific basis whatsoever. But then, all those people are really that naive? Do the masses really let themselves go so easily, at the mercy of trends, without verifying the truthfulness and the real functionality first, or maybe just the grounds of some simple “scientific” test?

We have seen it being worn by the world’s best athletes and even by some state presidents or famous persons. I’ll even tell you I bought it myself, as skeptical as I am; I was impressed by this huge wave of videotestimonials seen on youtube, and I wanted to verify these effects personally.

The fact is that when I tried it, I immediately realized the enormous bluff of that useless rubber bracelet, which was supposed to give me more balance, stability, strength and even make me fly like a superman. I realized instantly that it did not work, and my conclusion was based on the simple principle that if something should act upon your body for better or for worse, YOU WOULD FEEL IT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

But people obviously no not understand the difference between the induced suggestion and the real effect of any product or substance. The fact is that I had thrown away about 40 euros without any reimboursement option, for something that did not really do what it had neen promised to.

In order to answer the question posed within this article we must—first of all—go into the human psychology and mass behavior, a little bit.

Why do we do what other people are doing, without even thinking about it?

Mass behavior occurs when a large number of individuals respond to the same stimulus at the same time. These collective mass behaviors may occur in different spheres, ranging from the social, to the religious, or to the political sphere.

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In our case we are talking about a social sporting behavior, which may incurr various activities such as cheering a team, forming associations or wearing the same piece of clothing—in this particular case a gadget, with the shape of a bracelet.

Robert Ezra Park, one of the greatest sociologists in the United States of the 19th century, addressed the topic of media development, and noted how the opinion of an individual in the audience was becoming less and less distinguishable from the mind of the masses:

“The so-called public opinion is, generally, nothing more than a simple collective impulse that can be manipulated by slogans. He stated that the modern journalism, which was supposed to educate and guide the public opinion by reporting and discussing events in an objective manner, is actually revealed as a simple mechanism aimed to control the attention of the masses. In this regard, the opinion that has been created accordingly, from the logics point of view, is actually similar to the judgment derived from an unreflective perception: an opinion is formed directly and simultaneously with the reception of the information to it related.”

In other words, what Robert Ezra Park meant was that information is given in a manipulative way, in order to direct the public’s belief, and therefore directing the masses towards acting according to a predetermined purpose.

As it has happened in the case of the Power Balance with its deceptive, but very effective advertising—made of testimonies from people who were subjected to some balance tests (not all of them) which proved its so-called efficacy. Undoubtly, they have conveyed the information in their favor by omitting a number of incontestable scientific tests and examinations from the list, thus playing their card on the placebo effect induced to the people.

And there they are; they started shooting videos of people “teased” but enthusiastic about the fake effectiveness of the bracelet, which quickly went viral. We say fake effectiveness, because afterwards, during some simple scientific studies on placebo effect, which are also reported by wikipedia, the exact same fake effect of the Power Balance was observed in blindfolded people.

But meanwhile, before the functionality of the bracelet had been officialy denied, the stupid enthusiasm of the people had already become viral.

In contrast to what Robert Ezra Park said, who was highlighting the fault of those who shared wrong information with the public, I am now thinking of Freud and his book “Psychology of the masses and analysis of the ego”, where he also analyzed the behavior of the masses but he actually emphasized the responsibility of each individual as part of the masses, rather than—in this specific case—the responsibility of those who sold the Power Balance to the public.

First of all, Freud distinguishes two types of masses: on one hand the masses constituted for a short period of time characterized by a rapid and transitory interest, precisely like our case—the Power Balance trend while on the other hand, the mass is made up of durable and highly organized entities such as the army or the church. In both cases, the same basic mental processes are operating, as we will see further, in a brief analysis.

Taking up the writings of the sociologist and psychologist Gustave Le Bon, Freud affirms that the individual as part of the mass acquires a sense of invincible omnipotence, allowing him to act upon instincts that he would otherwise have restrained, as an isolated individual.

The mass, in fact, being anonymous and irresponsible, allows the individual to give in to his instincts because the sense of responsibility, specific to the individuals, disappears altogether. For Freud then, mass would allow the individual to get rid of the contraints of his own unconscious basic impulses.

These feelings of power and security allow the individual not only to act as part of the mass, but also to feel protected. All this, however, is accompanied by a loss of personality awareness (“hypnotic state”) and by the tendency of the individual to be “infected” by any emotion present within the masses. Another consequence would be the amplification of a particular emotion, through a process of “mutual induction” (the phenomenon of suggestibility).

Personally, my vision is that we should all take more responsibility and verify the effectiveness of something before making desicions, or letting ourselves fall prey to stupid enthusiasm. It is very easy to give in to prejudices and follow the collective mind. Basically, I believe that the lack of careful analysis—regarding every thing that crosses our mind—it’s simply just an act of laziness.

It becomes really easy to let ourselves go, because when a trend is born it is as if you were being dragged by a river of enthusiasm that is shared by everyone. A stupid enthusiasm in this case, particularly.

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It must be said, however, that the masses are not as stupid as they seem, since the Power Balance has become only a passing fad and not a real revolution of human development. It made, however, the fortune of only two Australian guys, by filling their pockets quite a lot. In fact now, after a few years, nobody talks about it other than as a hoax. What about the poor fools to whom this bluff was sold to? Well, all there is to say, naturally, they had no beneficial effect and the entire story went into oblivion.

At this point, after having the masses’ way of thinking examined, I will try to explain: how come even if there are many devices in the world that work, they are not disclosed or they are simply not taken into consideration?

This is also the case of the Rectifier that has created a small revolution around itself, but it is still not yet known by a very large number of people.

I am telling you that, paradoxically, the Rectifier has not yet become as famous as it should have been, simply because it really works. History teaches us that when things really work out, they are often feared and even fought against. Just think about, for example, when they silenced Galileo Galilei because he said that the earth was round, and when they took Cristofor Columbus for crazy for wanting to circumnavigate the globe, or again, when they gave ‚the stupid’ to Guglielmo Marconi.

When something works for real, it causes enormous changes just like it happened to the people who wore it; just take a look at some amazing photos to see what happened to my back.

unbalanced starecta evolution

But the change is scary because it makes us face the unknown, and even if it will undoubtfully brings enormous benefits, it still scares us because it makes us go where no one else has ever gone before.

In order to venture into change and into the unknown one needs courage, self-confidence, and must be smart. As these qualities often escape many individuals that make up the mass, it is obvious why changing is almost a priviledge, reserved to the visionaries who will assume the pioneer’s role, and will encourage all the others the embrace this extraordinary beneficial change.

Paradoxically, even if it shows incredible results, the Rectifier is not yet as famous as it diserves to be, precisely because that critical mass of people required in order to kick off all the others, has not been reached, yet.

Anyways, it is a clear fact that, in spite of the Power Balance, once the Rectifier breaks the critical mass, it will not fade like a trend of the moment, but will stand as a true revolution of the human enhancement and balancing!

Act now, and become part of the most avant-garde community that deals with body balancing and posture. You will also be able to download the free e-book which will help you to finally……

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