Starecta Postural Identification (SPI)

The Starecta Postural Identification let you know:

Don't you know if you need to wear the Rectifier? Ask For a Starecta Postural Identification (SPI)

  • What kind of specific problems you have
  • A general estimation of how much time you need to balance your posture
  • A visual explanation of your situation
  • Which part of your body is more contracted

Finally, you will understand if your body needs the Rectifier and for how long (It will be an estimation).

You Will Finally Understand the Real Cause of Your Postural Problem

What Will You Receive?

  • 5 Pictures of your body with postural lines: frontal, left profile, right profile, back, face.

  • A detailed written text which explain your actual situation

Ask Now For a Starecta Postural Identification (SPI)

After filling out the form you will receive an email with our instructions. The Starecta Postural Identification (SPI) costs 95$.

For SPI we do not require x-rays. We need only 5 pictures. X-rays do not provide enough information on muscular compensation.

After the payment you will receive our instructions to your paypal email

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