Postural Exercises to Improve that Hump on Your Neck are Useless

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In this report you will find that the postural exercises to improve the hump you have on your neck are useless and that there is a new biomechanical method to solve the problem.

The hump you have on your neck is really ugly! You can ignore it and do as if you don’t have, but you perfectly know it is there. Apart from saying that other people can easily note it. Even thinking of it makes you terrible uncertain. When you are in front of your mirror it happens to you to turn sideways and note that terrible bulge just above your back, behind your neck.

You probably have a strong pain at your cervical vertebrae when moving your neck or sleeping badly at night. As a matter of fact, this anatomic part is very delicate since it links your head to the rest of the body. It is there where both spinal cord and trachea pass. Through the spinal cord (central nervous system) there is the transit of all information that from your head reach the lower structures and contrarywise through your neck even food and air pass. In the end, that is the place where phonation is generated,, that is to say your ability to speak.

For this reason it is absolutely important that you keep this area in perfect health both for aesthetic reasons and for its countless functionalities . It is your right feeling well, beautiful and in good health.

Please take your time to thoroughly read the present report which will give you the solution that you have been awaiting for so long and so intensely for that hump on your neck.

First of all, you will have tried several remedies to soften the pain you feel and that is present occasionally but with intensity: postural exercises, painkillers, wood strips on your neck, homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, yoga and who knows how many other deviltries. I am sure that some of these remedies have given you a temporary relief but after a few hours pain came again to you with the same punctuality of a Swiss watch.

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You certainly follow accurately the postural exercises prescribed by your posturologist. Every day, as the good patient you are, you respect his indications and executes the series of agreed exercises. You put the maximum in this operation but you can note no substantial change in in your hump’s shape. All is as before.

To tell the truth, between you and me: you sometimes get convinced that some improvements are present but substantially nothing changes. This is the truth and I know very well since this happened to me as well. At the end of the session, the posturologist was used to tell me : “We are getting far better, go on line this!” the thing is that in the end pains and physical deformation were unaltered.

The only result of these exercises for your neck is that it is put into hyper extension but, as you yourself have proved, the simple thing of having your neck into traction does not change anything at all . However, the basis of this theory is correct:if I want to remove the hump behind my neck I need to increase the extension of my head upwards, that is to say I need to stretch my whole back.

But unfortunately, after countless exercises and a huge fatigue we are at the starting point again. So: what is wrong with such approach?

But is it possible that postural exercises are not suitable to eliminate or at least reduce humps on your neck? The problem is that this kind of exercises will never be able to move the hump since they act at the side of your postural biomechanism, whereas your hump was generated by the fall of your head onto your jaw.

In order to well understand what I mean you need to understand how Starecta method works and on which innovative theory it is founded to solve postural problems and humps.

Be informed that going on reading, in addition to understanding the reason why your hump formed on your neck, you will learn that there is a method able to solve this hump definitely. As a matter of fact such method acts at the origin of the human postural biomechanism: in the cranial mandibular ratio, right between your dental arches!

Substantially, no expert had so far been able to solve your problem, since no expert knows thoroughly the postural biomechanism ruling human posture.

On the contrary, Starecta understood how postural biomechanism works and has created a coherent method in accordance to such mechanism.

How to really eliminate the hump on your neck (with no postural exercises)

Starecta method is absolutely able to eliminate that hump on your neck since it bases its action on an innovative scientific theory explaining in detail the cause generating any form of postural dismorphism (humps on the neck included).

As a matter of fact, Starecta’s scientific theory proves that the whole human posture is strictly related to the stomatognathic apparatus.

To say it in detail, your head lays not only on your neck, as we thought so far, but on your jaw too. We must admit that the theory in accordance to which your jaw was related to your posture had already been affirming for some years but, considering that no one had understood the functioning of such postural biomechanism yet, no efficacious way had been found to correct such dismorphisms. We must say that still today all  dental splits and the methods presently circulating, proposed by common specialists, are not at all solving.

evolution starecta posture

On the contrary , Starecta has at last put an end to it. It has drawn from the huge amount of chaotic information surrounding this theory only what really has a scientific basis.

The truth is that our head, as previously said, lays both on our neck and our jaw, therefore in our mouth there are supporting points sustaining our head. Such supporting points are exactly the dental arches, especially teeth in premolar and moral area (back teeth) sustaining our head up on the first cervical vertebra.

So, if for any kind of problem (lack of dental extrusion, wrong works of dentistry, genetics and so on) your teeth are not properly extruded your head loses its support and pushes the cervical vertebra down creating that unaesthetic hump behind your neck.

To say it in a few words, your cervical vertebra is obliged in a reduced space since the lack of an adequate dental extrusion in premolar and molar area does not allow the head to stand right straight on the last cervical vertebra. This way your cervical saddle back increases its bend generating the hump on your neck. To say it in other words, the head loses sustain on the jaw and slides forward compressing this way the cervical area.

Read also “the body posture depends on your teeth” to understand in detail this biomechanism.

But so: how is it possible to put a remedy to the hollow of your head? Which is the instrument we must use to set your head up again  ad at last stretch your cervical vertebra?

Considering that this problem originates exactly between the dental arches it is there we must act with a particular kind of splint allowing your jaw to work as a lever, pushing your head up and back.

This dental splint is called Rectifier and has some unique characteristics in its typology , characteristics which must work simultaneously and symbiotically so as to activate correctly the postural biomechanism. Only this way your body can stretch and extend in an antigravitary way.

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