Success Case #4: Plato Powers

Year of Birth: 1971

Diagnosis: Twisted muscles spine, one hip higher than other, canted maxilla.

Symptoms: Feeling "restricted", frustrated all the time, prone to bouts of rage, need sleep more than "normal".

Postural Balancing Duration: 2 years


In 10 months I have made more progress towards resolving my scoliosis than in 20 years


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"Wow! This is amazing. I can see and now feel all these destructive forces. Especially after digesting the material in the book. Thanks again for this ingenious discovery!" -Plato


Coming back to Musculoskeletal Symmetry


Green Lines indicate the movement and directions of soft parts (skin, cartilage and bone).

Yellow Arrows indicate the directions of muscular forces. Yellow arrows push and pull the soft parts as you can see in the picture.

What is the cause of these destructive forces?


Red Line indicates the position of the skull in relation to the mandible.

Yellow Line indicates the position of the mandible in relation to the skull.

Blue Arrow indicates the direction of the skull decay. This caused by the lateral deviation toward the right side.

The lack of dental extrusion in the right premolar and molar area make the skull decay on the right side.

This is why muscles on the right side are shortened.The skull discharge most of the weight on the arch of the right jaw making the right masseter stronger than the left masseter.

The nose is moved to the right because of stronger muscles on that side. The right cheek is better developed than the left cheek. The right eye is lower than the left eye. The right clavicle is raised because pulled upwards.

Right and Left Side

The blue line represents a vertical line passing through the center of gravity. Yellow lines indicate the direction of muscle forces. The lack of dental extrusion in zone premolar and molar makes the skull collapses in forward and downward squeezing the spine. In the lumbar region there is a very pronounced curve that could hypothetically cause the symptoms you described

The position of the right scapula is altered The right shoulder is tense and contractedThe lower back is crooked Small Scoliosis


Which activities you cannot do? Scoliosis held me back in many areas of my life.

It’s like being a cripple in a wheelchair but since most people look and see nothing wrong with you, you get no sympathy and just end up in the “loser” pile. How did you feel? Bitter and resentful, cheated, frustrated…

Which therapies did you try before? Nearly everything – Atlas Orthoganol, chiropractic, all forms of bodywork, orthodontics, endonasal therapy, swimming, yoga, etc.

Contemplated surgery at one point but doctors are a pretty stupid and untrustworthy lot…Introduce yourself: I have been wearing my rectifier for 10 months now making adjustments every 7-14 days and I have made more progress towards resolving my scoliosis than anything I have done over close to 20 years to address this crippling issue.