The Neck Pain Solution

neck pain solution

In this report you will find information on how to solve the popular problem of neck pain with the aid of a new Italian solution, patented at international level.

So this morning, as every other morning, you woke up with that intense neck pain and you took the usual painkiller. If you are a health enthusiast, you would probably have had your yoga session, or a healthy stretching routine suggested by your posturologist.

It is possible that after some time the neck pain has disappeared; you are however tired of facing this same annoying problem almost every single day. Isn’t there a real solution? Isn’t there a definitive solution to this terrible problem?

In the morning, the neck pain gets started and never stops for a long time giving problems to the cervical bones. It becomes almost impossible to live a relaxed day.  

You feel your stiff neck, you can’t move your head around, and this is giving you so much inconvenience. But imagine if you could get rid of this pain and unblock your neck immediately without painkillers and without waiting for many days for it to pass by itself.

With all the good scientists around, is it possible that no-one has yet come up with a solution to this problem? We could clone sheep but we can’t solve the neck pain problem? Is it really possible?

As of today, nobody could solve the problem of your neck pain because nobody has yet really understood the biomechanics of the human body. I know, it seems ridiculous, science is looking at the DNA of bacteria but it hasn’t yet understood how the neck of a human being really works. Still, so it is!

Nobody has ever solved this problem efficiently, mainly because the main cause has always been overlooked. Before trying to solve a problem, in our case neck pain, one would need to first understand its primary cause. Only after understanding its cause, can we start to address the problem in order to solve it permanently.  

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However, the situation is not so desperate as you may think; in Italy an innovative method has been created which can solve the neck pain problem permanently. This method is called Starecta and uses a unique technique based on a dental splint: this gives your back traction through the activation of the mandibular lever.

When the mandibular lever is activated through the use of this ingenious and unique splint, it transmits an immediate sensation of lightness and relaxation. The people who are already wearing the Rectifier (splint Starecta) talks about an immediate sensation of relief, similar to a string that sustains the head from above. It is an incredible sensation, to say the least, and to be able to try it you will only need to activate the Rectifier.

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Those, like yourself, who suffer from neck pain have often the wrong cranial posture (the head bends forward) and this has a strong effect on your pain at the cervical bones. Moreover, a head which bends forward not only is wrong as posture and gives pain, but it is also not pretty.

Such a mandibular lever is able to sustain the cranium and change its inclination so that it eventually gives the spine more room to stretch. This solution is as simple as clever and can be applied by anyone with a mere dental splint called Rectifier.

The many advantages of the Rectifier are not limited to solving the neck pain. Once you wear it, you will feel sustained in a natural way and will be able to move your head much more easily than ever before. In addition, the advantages are not limited to the neck but include the entire body, which benefits from it: a better body posture in general, more mobility, more strength, more agility, less breathing problems, more alertness.

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The Solution to Neck Pain is Starecta

But how is Starecta capable of solving the problem of neck pain? First of all, it has developed an original theory (based on the direct experience of many patients) which meticulously explains how kyphosis, scoliosis, and lordosis develop, and for neck pain as well. If you are interested, you can download the free book from here (How I Finally Straightened My Spine Out).

Successively, it has developed a practical solution so that the cranium is sustained from up above and it therefore stretches the spine enabling the vertebras to detach from one another. Throughout this process the entire body uncompresses itself also at muscular level. The tensions that generate the neck pain are removed and resolved. The more surprising factor is that all the tensions that were blocking the neck and provoked that annoying pain disappear in little time without the need for painkillers.  

What makes this method unique compared with yoga and other known methods is that the tensions do not disappear for a limited amount of time. The space between the vertebra is realigned permanently and the causes of neck pain are removed permanently.

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Is it all this simple? Really?

Actually it isn’t much more complicated than this. In this report we haven’t detailed all the information, but if you want to know more you can read our free book. Moreover, the dental splint that we use (Rectifier) is very peculiar and patented at international level. If you wear any dental splint other than the Rectifier you will not solve the problem.

The Rectifier (splint Starecta) is in effect different from all other marketed splints because of 4 essential characteristics.

These 4 characteristics are: splint’s height, lower jaw’s protrusion, lower jaw’s centre and holes on the Rectifier.

What is the role of these 4 characteristics?

1) The Rectifier’s height is needed to push the cranium up and to improve the effectiveness of the mandibular lever.   

2) The lower jaw’s protrusion is needed to push the cranium backwards. This characteristic is adjusted together with the splint’s height to achieve a better effectiveness of the mandibular lever. The height and protrusion together activate the lever effect that allows our body and our spine to balance and stretch.

3) The lower jaw’s centre is needed to achieve the face and body symmetry.

4) The holes produce a fixed closure and they are needed to spread the nervous-muscular signal of the new closure to the rest of the body.  

Some other splints have one or two of these characteristics but not all 4 of them together. If a splint does not have all 4 characteristics, it becomes useless and should only be used as a paperweight.

There’s only one thing to do now: just wear your Rectifier!

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