Success Case #1: Moreno Conte

Year of Birth: 1987

Diagnosis: Scoliosis, increased cervical lordosis, increased lombar lordosis, increased dorsal kyphosis (curved spine), panic attack disorder, hypochondriac,anxious subject, depressed subject, stomach ulcer.

Symptoms: Chronic pain, back pain, neck pain, anxiety, fear of dying, panic attack, heartburn, digestive problems, food allergy, food intolerance, nausea, vomit, tachycardia, problems of body temperature, breathing problems, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue, insomnia

Postural Balancing Duration: 3 yearsFinished

Contacts: morenoconte[at]


I Was Dying, No Expert Was Able to Help Me! I Had to Discover a Method To Real Straighten My Spine Out and Solve All my Symptomes


As a child I had countless health problems because of my forward posture. My head was falling forward, my back was curved, my shoulders curved and closed and I had a much accentuated lumbar lordosis.

How I Really Straightened my Spine Out

Despite all these problems I have always practiced a lot of sports; I loved playing soccer, running, swimming, canoeing, judo, capoeira and many other great activities until the age of 24 when I had to stop completely.

I had to stop practicing all these activities because at one point I found myself forced to stay in bed in pain because of my totally wrong posture. My muscles were offset to the point of compressing internal organs such as the lungs, heart, stomach, intestines. I could never forget the first panic attack I had when I was 18. From then up to when I was 24, my life has been a total downward spiral made of disabling symptoms.

My body continued to collapse on itself and no one understood what was happening. Family members told me I was a hypochondriac, and for this reason I have been visiting many psychologists and psychiatrists.

Then I visited other specialists such as postural orthopaedists, chiropractors, osteopaths, who carried out lots of unnecessary manipulations. Moreover, all of them kept telling me that I had to force myself to stand straight.

I was repeating this phrase to myself all the time since I was a child. I'd play with all my strength, but after a while I’d collapse back into my usual posture. Why did it have to be so tiring to keep my head straight? I spent my whole life looking at the mirror and studying my nasty curves.

I was longing to see my back with a harmonic shape, with a desirable profile. But even with all my every effort it was really impossible.

When I was 23-24 years old, the symptoms were so debilitating that I was feeling like a candle burning down slowly and inexorably.I was vomiting a lot because my stomach was forced into a vise and above all I was breathing with difficulty. My diaphragm was totally blocked.

That was at that time when I began a fanatic research that brought me the first inspirational thought as I have extensively described in the first part of the book "How I Finally Straightened My Spine Out".

Everything was starting from the teeth and the fact that my heavy skull needed support to stay in the correct position in order to allow my spine to maintain its harmony and the normal curves physiology.

To return the skull in the upright position I needed a lever. The jawbone serves as a point of support and the Rectifier™, modified with a particular method, acts as a fulcrum. The skull can finally go back straight. Eureka!

Completely exhausted, to the limit of my strength, without any more fat and muscles, totally offset and curve, finally I began to straighten without any exercise (Just sitting on a chair). It was Amazing!

The feeling was incredible, I was sitting on my chair and I was getting straight without even forcing myself to do it.

I could finally clearly understand that our posture is regulated by a bio-mechanism, which is based in our mouth, ie the height of the teeth (extrusion). It all depends on how our skull is placed on our jaw. Symmetrical or asymmetrical forces that are generated during swallowing are responsible for the harmony and beauty of our face and for the correct posture of our entire body.

It was something incredible; finally I had achieved the dream of being able to straighten my back. Month after month I could see my curves resuming their proper physiological size in a completely natural way. In this process those muscles, shortened by years and years of compensation, finally could really stretch while the others got shorter. Finally I had realized the dream of a lifetime: a straight back!

If you want to know all the story download the book "How I Finally Straightened my Spine Out"