Lumbar Lordosis: How to Solve it permanently?

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In this report you will find that there is an Italian method capable of address the lumbar lordosis and solve it permanently.

You too are one of those people affected by a significant lumbar lordosis which can often be bloody painful. It prevents you from standing up properly and from engaging in life as people of your age do.

Those who suffer from lumbar lordosis often wake up with a terrible backache, they cannot sit on a chair for too much time, and they cannot stand upright either. Their productivity, their concentration span and their ability to effectively perform tasks are thus reduced. When pain is too much, it pushes you to the ground towards idleness.

A significant lumbar lordosis for a person is like a stability problem for a car. Imagine to be driving a car with one wheel that hasn’t passed the convergence test. We both know that this car cannot possibly go further and its life expectancy is halved. You need to solve it urgently!

Unfortunately, with your lumbar lordosis, you too are going around without your convergence test and this means you have some disadvantages in some areas of life. While the majority of people can sit still at a desk or in a car for hours without any problem, you have to take frequent breaks because you cannot put too much pressure on your poor lumbar area.

Yet, the majority of people live with their lumbar lordosis for years. As a matter of fact, they get used to it and they stop thinking that it is in effect a disabling impairment.

The majority of specialist doctors have not got a clue on how this wrong posture needs to be treated. Many of them are even convinced that it must not be considered a problem to solve, but rather a condition to endure.

Many specialist doctors have given up on it and prefer to address the problem with some massages to alleviate the muscular tension. Others prefer to prescribe relaxants of the muscles or some light medication. Others send you to a swimming pool for the rest of your life, which is useless.

We can also add some more bizarre colourful treatments to this list: corsets, bustier, insoles, standard dental splints, stretching machines, chiropractic, osteopathy, eye exercises, and even psychological treatment.

Finally, there are those that suggest you accept all this and thank God that you didn’t get born blind.

None of those methods solve the lumbar lordosis problem. This is the state of the art!

But lumbar lordosis is not only painful, it is also unattractive. With that type of curved spine, you might have lost 30% of possible sexy partners. You have been bumped down into the lower category. This often happens when you are with other people at the seaside. While the sexy ones race with one another to show off, you want to hide inside a t-shirt under the beach umbrella. That is the bitter truth!

I know well how hard it is to look at yourself, from one side, in the mirror every day. In this condition it will never be a pleasure to look at your curved back. This is giving you a very low self-esteem and makes you feel literally inferior to others. Certainly, this hideous body characteristic is not only giving you pain but also it has consequences in all areas of your life.

It has also to be said, that a significant lumbar lordosis has other bio-mechanical consequences on your body causing many health problems: lumbar vertebra flattening, enlargement of the prostate, difficulty urinating, sexual difficulties, difficulty having an erection, and problems of thrust during sex…

However, you don’t need to worry. There is a solution to the lumbar lordosis problem, and it is called Starecta. In the second part of this report you will find the way of finally get it straight.

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There is a Solution to Lumbar Lordosis that can Solve it Permanently

And yet you did not lose all hopes, you are still looking for a practical solution that can solve your lumbar lordosis.

The Starecta project is intended for this exact purpose. To date, it has successfully solved many cases of lumbar lordosis. Essentially it is based on a simple, but highly innovative, idea.

The reason why vertebral curves appear, while it is not physiological that they do, resides on a wrong cranial-mandibular relationship that has consequences over the entire spine. Also, let me tell you this, our skull is completely supported by our own mandible and therefore by our lower jaw.

Sure enough, up until now we all believed that our skull was supported only by the cervical bones, but this is not true! Starecta, with its innovative theory, has demonstrated that the skull is in a close relationship both with the mouth and with the back, in a constantly dynamic relationship.

For this reason, if the skull loses its dental support (due to any genetic problem, wrong dental treatment, accidents, etc.), it loses a support from the rear and it collapses on the lower jaw getting its weight onto the entire spine!

To explain it in greater detail, our skull is subject to some physics’ laws, like any other object with a mass. In our case, the head has to win gravity that attracts it to the earth at all times.

In order to be able to oppose such force of gravity, our bio-mechanical posture has adapted in a very simple but effective way. However, probably due to the evolution of our species, this bio-mechanism is not properly working for many of us.

I’m talking about the protruding of our teeth on the mandibular lever. In order to activate such mandibular lever, anti-gravity muscles work simultaneously to sustain the skull on the cervical bones: tongue, masseter muscles, temporal muscles and some of the hyoid muscles.

But there is a problem: to be able to get this lever into action with a positive momentum in order to push the cranium upwards, a satisfactory development of teeth and jaw is necessary.

On the contrary, if this development is not satisfactory, the lever loses its strength and its momentum becomes negative. When the momentum is negative, the skull, which is constantly in contact with the lower jaw, compresses the spine and creates those unnatural curves known as hiper-kyphosis, hiper-lordosis and scoliosis.

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So what can one do to turn this momentum from negative to positive?

An instrument called Rectifier is needed, that is applied to the very origin of this bio-mechanical mechanism: between the teeth! It is paramount that the splint has specific and unique characteristics apt to activate the mandibular lever, to get it in the positive disposition and to push the skull upwards.

As a consequence, when the skull is pushed upwards, the entire spine is stretched. And the benefit goes to the lumbar lordosis which is now free from all pressures.

At the end of this procedure, the lumbar area recovers its natural curve. The pain disappears and the curve takes on a natural and pleasant form.

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