Lumbar Lordosis: the Biomechanical Method to Solve it

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Now you can at last solve your painful, unaesthetic lumbar lordosis owing to the new biomechanical method called Starecta.


Tired of suffering due to your painful lumbar lordosis? I perfectly know  that it causes you a ceaseless, unpleasant pain especially in the lower region of your back. A pain that makes your day worse, from the morning when you wake up till the moment you sit down on your sofa again.

Furthermore, that curve, so prominent, is really horrible when you look at it, especially when you are in front of a mirror. I bet you often are: you stay in front of your mirror and you watch your lumbar lordosis trying to stretch it so as to recreate a regular lumbar curvature. On the contrary, you are compelled to look daily at that ugly recess in your back obliging your belly to be pushed forward !

This is the reason why you have started to search a cure which was really the solution. A cure which was not only the habitual, banal osteopathic or chiropractic manipulation. A cure which could really give you the feeling of having your back stretched. A cure which was different from all those you have tried so far.

I can assure you that your research has come to an end. In the present report we show you the biomechanical solution which will definitely solve your problem. This clever solution acts at the basis of your postural biomechanism. Furthermore, you will understand why your lumbar lordosis is so painful and so serious.

I bet that before bumping into this report you will have tried all those useless common stratagems:

  • Massages: you have tried lots of them and you well know that apart from a pleasant relief they are not at all crucial.
  • Sessions with an osteopath or a chiropractic: such manipulations are at best effective for short periods, on other occasions they are totally useless, in both cases they are not definitive.
  • Yoga, mezieres or pilates sessions: nice disciplines but substantially suitable only to people that already have a straight back.
  • Back-supporting bands and corsets: no promise maintained.
  • Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines: Ineffective, they have serious side effects on your body.
  • Corrective gym or swimming pool: in your case it causes more damages than benefits.
  • Psychologist: maybe you have thought yours was a psychological problem, so you effected some sessions , but with no success.

Now it is the right time to find a solution and breathe, at last, in relief ,since the real solution exists: it is biomechanical!

Me too had this horrible problem that grasped me all day long but I have defeated it in the end! I used on myself the same method that was going to become Starecta method!

Read carefully from now on since the words you are going to discover will be revealing for you.

How such biomechanical method solves your lumbar lordosis

I introduce myself to you, my name is Moreno Conte, Starecta founder, and me too had a lumbar lordosis just as it goes for you (you can see it in the picture), accentuated as no one could ever believe! That postural condition caused me serious digestive problems too. In a word, life for me had become impossible!

That is why I had to find a solution which was really suitable! At last I succeeded in finding it and I called it Starecta!


What is the core of this method that saved my life?

First of all you have to know that your back is not sustained by your legs but by your teeth ! It is due to the action of the extruded teeth (in molar and premolar area) if your head remains straight on your body,this way stretching, and keeping it stretched, all your backbone.

The cranial-mandibular ratio is the location of our postural biomechanism and it is in that area that we must intervene to naturally put our back in traction. This way your lumbar lordosis is stretched and freed from all the vertebral and muscular pressures causing that strong disturbing pain.

If you want to better understand this mechanism read the present report: The body posture depends on teeth.

To act efficiently through dental arches we need an instrument called Rectifier.

Rectifier is a dental splint that, due to some characteristics making it the only one all the world over and protected by international license, is able to act in the mentioned biomechanism. Such characteristics can be summarized as follows:

1) the height of Rectifier has the function of pushing the head up and improve the effectiveness of the mandibular lever.

2) the mandibular protrusion has the function of pushing the head back, this characteristic is modulated in a close work with the bite’s height for a better effectiveness of the mandibular lever. Height together with protrusion activate the lever effect allowing the body and the backbone to get balance and stretch.

3) the mandibular balancing is useful to reach facial and body symmetry.

4) the pits recreate a firm occlusion and are useful to transmit the neuromuscular signal of your new occlusion to the rest of the body.  

Most splints have only one or two of these characteristics but not all four of them together. Be careful and verify the presence of all four: the lack even of one of them makes the splint totally ineffective.

Rectifier is the tool par excellence balancing your body in a natural way so as to definitely solve that terrible postural problem, exactly as I did. Your lumbar lordosis , so accentuated, can be stretched,  exactly as it is my case. Your lumbar lordosis can be stretched, at last!

If you want to deepen all aspects of the postural biomechanism having birth in your mouth (cranial-mandibular-spinal ratio) download your free book here!

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