For the first time in the history of mankind there is a method capable of straightening out a twisted spine in a totally natural way.

Starecta is a method that takes advantage of several laws of Newtonian mechanics applied to the human body, understood as a musculoskeletal, biomechanical system, in order to bring the body back to a correct posture. By means of a lever, the Starecta Method can allow the spine to stretch itself in a totally natural way.

By “natural” we mean that it is the body itself that regulates itself until it regains its proper position. This means that the lever is non-invasive and does not eliminate the physiological curves of a healthy spine; it simply removes the morphological alterations of a twisted spine, those curvatures that go by the names of scoliosis, hyperlordosis and hyperkyphosis.

At the end of treatment the individual will have a truly symmetrical spine. All the activities that were discouraged before (competitive sports, gymnastics, rugby, Greco-roman wrestling, etc.) can be done in a normal way and with good results.

Symmetry of the body and a straight spine allow the body to better conserve its own energy and to use it profitably in daily life.

In addition, straightening out the spine frees the internal structures of the body from compressions caused by the curvature. In this way, by bringing the spine back to its proper position, the internal structures begin to function very well again and blood flow increases. This stimulates a noticeable reduction of the probability of developing medical conditions of various kinds.

In this sense the Starecta Method plays an indirect role in preventative medicine in so far as it is able to improve the over-all state of health of the body and contribute to the prevention of disease.

The Starecta Method is not only capable of straightening the back and improving the general health of the body, helping to prevent illness, but it is also capable of improving the physical performance of a more erect body. A body in symmetry has to consume less energy to keep going, thus it can help others to improve physical performance and reinforce the muscular structure.

Athletes with a proper, straight skeletal structure are those who use less energy to achieve their own successes in sports. An athlete who is asymmetrical has to work harder to achieve results in competitive sports.

Finally, Starecta also resolves problems related to anxiety, as it allows a decompression of the hypochondriac area, the cervical area and the diaphragm.

This method allows a human being to take a very important developmental step. From now on Man can be perfectly straight and upright in a way he has never been before. A perfectly straight body is the missing developmental step in the evolutionary path of Man, who since Australopithecus has slowly pulled himself up towards new horizons, until becoming Sapiens Sapiens.

So with this discovery Sapiens Sapiens Man can finally reach his full potential. With this discovery we enter a new era of empowerment for the human body beyond the limits we have known thus far.

All the disciplines that belong to health science can profit from this discovery in order to make people healthier, stronger and more attractive.

The rest of the story has yet to be told.


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