Green line represents the direction taken by soft parts of the face

Red line represents direction taken by bones

Yellow line represents the probable current position of the mandible in relation to the skull

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The cause of his facial asymmetry depends on the relation between the skull and the mandible. In fact he has a skull lateral deviation to the left.

Pay a lot of attention to this point. The skull lateral deviation shortened left Masseter and left temporal muscles. When a muscle is shorter is also stronger. Conversely right masseter and right temporal stretched. When a muscle is longer is also weaker.

Pay attention to this other point: when left masseter and temporal shorten move also soft parts of the face from their symmetrical position.

We can see different factors. The hairline is pulled toward left and downward. Left eye is pulled downward. Vice versa the right eye is pulled upward. The nose is pulled toward left. The left cheekbone and left posterior mandible are more developed compared to the opposite side of the face.

When the cranio-mandibular imbalance affects, trhough the occlusion, underlying structures it transfers asymmetry to the rest of the body. By this way the left shoulder comes up because its muscles (trapezius, sternomastoid cleido, scalenes, hyoid muscles) shorten.

With the Starecta method this person reachs a symmetrical cranio-mandibular ratio in a total natural way. The Rectifier let both massetter and temporal muscles go back in a symmetrical position. Consequently sof parts of the body go back to their previous and symmetrical position again.

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