How To Get Firm Buttocks In A Natural Way Without Doing 2 Hours Of Squat A Day

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Report for those women that, even after years of physical exercises and exhausting sessions in the gym, have not managed yet to develop firm, sensual and attractive buttocks.

Having beautiful buttocks is an essential point for a woman who wants to feel beautiful and sexy. Besides, nice buttocks are among the key factors that make a woman attractive to the opposite sex. Having beautiful buttocks therefore also means having an active and satisfying sex life.

Indeed, men are literally attracted to feminine curves and for a woman not having such curves is a sentence to a very poor love life. This happens because the best and most attractive sexual partners are literally caught by women with beautiful curves and beautiful buttocks.

This is the pure and naked truth! Attraction is a purely physical thing, and if you do not possess the right papers to fight this war, you may risk having to pick up the crumbs. End of the story!

If you are here, you are probably part of this second category and thus, so far unfortunately, you have been picking the crumbs. Not for long anymore! You know perfectly well what means having a second-class body and its impact on relationships. So I will not bore you anymore with further preamble.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with wanting some nice firm and sexy buttocks; it is absolutely natural. Especially since they are one of the most powerful magnets for attracting men.

If it can be of any consolation, if you have poorly developed buttocks, it is not your fault. Your will has nothing to do with this condition. The reason for having underdeveloped buttocks resides in your posture and biomechanical system that prevents you from having sexy and properly develop buttocks.

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I realize that this is a small consolation, but at least you can stop blaming yourself. You did what you could, but you could not achieve your desired task. So the causes lie elsewhere, they are not genetic as you may have been led to believe.

Think about it! How many times have you joined the gym to firm up that gluteus and develop nice men-grabbing buttocks? You have done it thousands of times in your life and you always stopped because you couldn’t notice any improvement.

Perhaps, in a moment of desperation, you may have also thought to turn to surgery, but then you really didn’t like the idea to put a rubber balloon in your pants (I can’t blame you!).

But how can some women have such super firm buttocks?

After all the wasted efforts you made to firm your buttocks, I understand that you may deeply hate those women who have perfectly firm and sexy buttocks without any efforts. It is all about genetics? Or are they hiding a secret unknown to the mass?

You have to know just one thing: aside for the little work they do in the gym, 70% of the reason is not depending on them.

In fact the reason that allows these women not to have buttocks as flat as a 747 Boeing airstrip is that they are biomechanically perfect. In short, their posture allows them to distribute the weight in an even and balanced way throughout the body

So the reason why they have the wonderful buttocks is mainly due to their correct posture. As you can see in the image below there are two types of postures that can lead to flat buttocks

Flat Back: this is a posture that eliminates completely the physiological curves of the spine and puts all the weight on the neck, back and abdomen. Conversely, the lumbar part and the gluteus do not work at all. So these people have shoulders and head forward to compensate the back flat. Conversely the buttocks are flat as a football field. As long as you keep a flat back posture there is no hope to develop your buttocks. So you’d better get a refund on the gym membership. Or, even better, you should balance your posture.

Swayback: This is the typical hyper-kyphotic posture of people who have a forward, strongly unbalanced head. If you have such a posture you can forget firm and sexy buttocks. Also in this case the only way to firm your buttocks is to balance your posture with the Starecta method. In fact, in the current condition the body is using 100% of its energy to avoid a postural collapse.

Kephotic-lordotic: This posture is absolutely the worst because it crushes on the body. People with this posture have more serious problems to solve other than simple flat buttocks. However, to stay in theme with the report, a person with this posture cannot develop their buttocks because weights are not distributed in a balanced way.

Balanced Posture: Women with beautiful buttocks instead fall into this category. As you can see the physiological curves of the spine are perfectly respected. This allows the buttocks muscles to develop very well thanks to the redistribution of the weights that occurs throughout the body in a balanced way.

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So without further talking, you already have a first tool to understand that if you have one of the three postures listed above then you have no chance to develop your gluteus unless you balance your body with Starecta.

Let’s try to better understand how the weight distribution works in balanced and unbalanced bodies.

In the picture below you can see three women with underdeveloped buttocks. They all share a flat back posture. It is evident that the buttocks cannot absolutely grow outward. The blonde woman is showing more prominently this condition. In fact we can see her flat buttocks and forward shoulders and head. Typical characteristics of the flat back.

These women have a wrong posture and could not develop the physiological lumbar curve which, in turn, promotes the development of the buttocks. That’s why they cannot develop the much desired firm buttocks.

buttocks posture

In the below picture you can see instead the biomechanical mechanism that leads to the formation of flat and underdeveloped buttocks. People without lumbar curve, cannot develop buttocks because the body forces are discharged elsewhere.

That’s why women featuring developed buttocks do not need to spend hours in the gym. They exercise every day just standing.

Warning: Rotating the pelvis to facilitate the position shown below is absolutely useless if not harmful. Pelvis and buttocks can work properly only if you have a straight and symmetrical back. So the whole body must be balanced. In fact when the body is balanced weights will balance as well, then the buttocks will finally begin to work in a correct way. It is useless to try to correct the pelvis voluntarily.

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In fact the result of a balanced posture is completely different from the pictures seen before, as you can see by yourself. In the picture below we are definitely transported to another space-time dimension. In the photo below the girl’s buttocks are developed in a natural way thanks to its perfect posture and a balanced distribution of weights.

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In the picture below you can see how the girl has very well developed buttocks and perfect posture. The belly is perfectly flat and the whole body does its duty. The proper weight distribution and discharge is the result of a balanced and symmetrical body. This is the only secret to have developed buttocks.

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But what’s this imbalance and what has it to do with my buttocks?

If you have flat buttocks this is mainly due to this reason, the imbalance. It is in that direction that we need to work. The imbalance is the main cause generating flat buttocks.

Do you want a proof of what I’m saying?

Put yourself in the mirror and see if you have any of the following characteristics:

– An asymmetric face (crooked nose, chin not aligned to the nose, a ear higher than the other, an eye more closed than the other)
– A muscularly underdeveloped face (an underdeveloped jaw, underdeveloped cheeks, no dimples in the face)
– An asymmetric body (one shoulder higher than the other, one breast larger than the other, the twisting of the body, scoliosis, lordosis or kyphosis, flat buttocks)

If you have even just one of these characteristics then you know that you are unbalanced and probably you will never be able to develop your gluteus if you don’t balance your posture first.

How can I balance my body and develop nice buttocks?

Now we finally reached the part where we try to solve the problem; the part I like most. To develop your buttocks and solve all the other problems associated with the imbalance you have to follow the Starecta method.

Starecta is the only method in the world that is able to balance your body and to solve all the problems related to your imbalance.

Through this method you may completely change your body and distribute part of your body weight on the buttocks as it should happen naturally.

If you want you can download the free  e-book following this link, and fully understand this theory : http://www.starecta.com/book/

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