How to develop, widen and make your face more symmetrical

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Report dedicated to those who want to make their face more attractive, sexy, harmonious and especially symmetric.

If you belong to those people who have a face that is too long and poorly developed, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. Those days, when you were spending hours in front of the mirror thinking that your face was looking more like a banana that a human face, have gone.

Forgive me if I sound a little rude associating your face to a banana, but that’s what I was thinking about my own face before starting with the Starecta method. So, since I was in the same boat, I dare saying things exactly as they are not dragging them out.

teeth facial symmetry

But why don’t you like your long face and underdeveloped cheekbones at all? If you have one of the following two characteristics, then you’re in the right place:

1) Asymmetric Face: you have a long and very asymmetric face (one ear higher than the other, or a crooked nose, or eyes that are not aligned …)
2) Flat Face: you have a long and flat face. Your cheekbones are not evident and your jaw is underdeveloped.

If you have one of these two problems listed above then there is something very important that you have to know absolutely. Sit, make yourself comfortable and yell out of the window “I am going back to work; do not bother me!”

In fact you need to know that both the asymmetric and flat faces are just consequences of a deeper problem.

They are the result of a skull-mandibular imbalance that affects the entire body. In short, you should know that this imbalance (see Process of The Decline of The Skull) is caused by the fact that the skull is not sufficiently supported by the lower jaw. The skull, not supported by the jaw, slowly sinks compressing the vertebrae. In this process the muscles become asymmetric and literally move the soft tissues (skin, face, ears, nose cartilage, etc.). That’s why some people have eyes that are more closed, higher ears and underdeveloped faces. For further info see How to look Asymmetries.

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If the jawbone is not adequately supporting the skull with teeth on both arches, the head tends to fall forward in search for a new support on the mandible. The facial muscles (especially the muscles of mastication) are not trained enough and the face looks sick and flat.

In fact, the real problem is not that the face is too long (many people complain about having a too long face). The real problem is that some long faces are unbalanced, poorly developed and therefore unattractive. In these cases there is an underlying problem that must be solved. And this problem is the skull-mandibular imbalance!

To be more precise: faces tend to look longer when they are not well developed in width, or when teeth are slightly extruded and don’t allow the muscles of mastication to develop the cheekbones and jaw.

If the muscles of mastication do not allow the proper development of cheeks and jaw then the length of the face is emphasized excessively. In fact there is nothing bad in a long face if this is symmetrical, harmonious and developed in all its parts.

You can see how the faces in the pictures below, although very long, also appear very nice and sexy. This is because the muscles of jaw and cheeks are completely developed and compensate very well the face development along its length.

symmetrical face

 Watch carefully how much the jaw muscles are developed. You can see a proper cavity. Look at the protruding cheekbones. The face is smooth and flat, but it is alive and there’s plentiful of muscles that create cavities in the skin. This is sexy!

Yet these two faces are very long.

Now we’ll have a look at longer faces but with poorly developed muscles. These faces even if shorter than the previous ones appear completely flat.

asymmetrical face

Hence, no one cares about a long or short face. What really matters is to have a developed musculature.

The point is not to shorten your face or to develop it in width. The point is that you have to develop the facial muscles. That’s what makes a face attractive.

How to develop the facial muscles

Once we know that the best way to make your face attractive is to develop the muscles of mastication, we must find a method that is able to do that.

Fortunately this method already exists: the only method in the world that can develop your facial muscles is the Starecta method.

Starecta method allows you to recover the missing dental heights so that you can create an ideal skull-jaw connection and then look straight and symmetrical. When you have recovered your missing dental heights, the jaw changes its position until it finds the ideal one in relation to the skull.

Through this process, the facial muscles, especially the masseter and the temporal ones, can work again in a harmonious and uniform way, allowing the development of muscle all over your face.

This process is even more evident when there is a severe lack of tooth thickness in the back in the premolar and molar area as shown in these X-ray.

neck pain solution

We can see that the jaw clearly changes the tilt in relation to the skull, creating a gap that is filled by the rear Rectifier. Thanks to this inclination amendment, the facial muscles can work well allowing the harmonious development of the entire face and jaw, forming well developed cheekbones, a visible jaw and dimples in the cheeks.

So Starecta method, thanks to this remarkable tool (the Rectifier ™), is able to bring back the face in symmetry and also to develop it in width.

Starecta then can do three things to your face:

1) Correct asymmetries (open the more closed eye, raise your lower shoulder, etc.)
2) Develop your facial muscles
3) Give your face a sexier and more seductive look.

In order to develop the muscles of mastication and correct the asymmetry you need to insert the Rectifier in your mouth and this will make your facial muscles work.

It will be as if your face was going every day in the gym. Yet instead of lifting weights and lying down on the benches (wet from other people sweat), it will spend its time developing facial muscles.

When I began to apply the Starecta method I noticed right away that some dimples were appearing on my cheeks and that my muscles of mastication were slowly developing. Finally my jaw was strengthened and expanded.

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Obviously I was well over the age of development so I was conscious that I could not completely change my appearance. But I was developing my face and that was making me very happy…

But there is something else you need to know!!!!

To make sure that your face is being extended in width and that the muscles of mastication are developed you must use a lever. So during the application of the Starecta method your face will stretch temporarily because of the insertion of the Rectifier.

The role of the Rectifier is just to stretch the muscles and make them develop. Then the temporary elongation of the face it is necessary to allow the enlargement of the face itself.

This elongation effect is only temporary. At the end of the application of the Starecta method (already after only a few months) you’ll get a balanced, radiant and symmetrical face.

P.S. mouth breathing is among the most common symptoms that will disappear immediately after application of the Starecta method. With Starecta you will be able to breathe through your nose rather than your mouth, once again.

Look How Starecta Works on Face Asymmetries:

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So what is this Rectifier, is it possible to make one myself or how’s that thing works?

Yes, send me a private email to valerioquatrano@staretca.com

Hi. I am a 58 yr. old male with a lifelong history of crooked skull, severe sleep issues, poor balance, scoliosis etc…Back in November 2014 I had Neuro-Cranial-Restructuring (NCR) treatment by a Dr. Dean Howell. An initially painful technique and EXTREMELY over-priced for what you get. After spending an initial $1250 for my first series it turns out I would have to have 8-10 treatments more to see any results, totaling about $9,000 and there were no guarantees either, very disappointing. My skull/face are obviously crooked and my right front temporal leans to my right and protrudes. Now that my hairline has receded, I don’t have the hair to cover it up anymore and it really shows I am “crooked”. I have problems with nasal/sleep issues and have tried c-pap, bi-pap, and three different oral appliances to no avail .Enough for symptoms, I can go on all night. I have to try your method, what have I got to lose? I don’t want to have surgery. By trade I am a machinist/toolmaker so making this should not be a problem Thanks- Gary

Gary, we know personally Dr. Howell and we can assure he is a very professional doctor and his method is very effective. If something went wrong with his method I’m sure you can contact him and explain him the situation. He is a very approachable person.

How do I make one

How can i use it
As i have asymmetrical face

You just put the Rectifier in your mouth and follow the instructions

What is the cost for undergoing this test,,??i mean is it for free???is it possible to apply this method by own???

You can apply this method by yourself here: http://www.starecta.com/selling-page

My right jaw is wider than my left jaw hence making feel ugly. What can u do to rectify the situation? I literally have tried everything.

If this is only a muscular problem the Rectifier can solve the problem if this is a bone problem the Rectifier can help you only by 20%.

I developed facial asymmetry after orthodontic work extracted a premolar from one side and pushed everything back. The teeth do not line up thus causing asymmetry. Will this technique get my facial aymmetry back and open up that space where I had my premolar extracted to ultimately get a dental implant(to get a perfect bite)?

Yes this method is intended to do exactly what you just described.

Ok so how EXACTLY to change the symmetry? How?

You have to start Starecta if you to change your symmetry

How to widen face and jaw as my lower face is very narrow.

You have to start Starecta. Go here: http://www.starecta.com/selling-page

Is it safe to use with dental braces?

The Rectifier do not let your posterior teeth to move, so if dental braces are on molars I suggest to wait until you finish your work

I have a probleum with my jaw
My chinbone is sliglty curved from the both sides due to which when ever i smile the chin comes out and look too ugly …the bone of my chin is curved and little up too ..could you please help me in this matter

You can buy our package from here: http://www.starecta.com/selling-page

What’s the cost…? I’m in Los Angeles…. Is there any place to buy directly?

I have a bent face due to my lob sided nose has a little slant to it looks like one side of my face is higher than the other wil this get it back to normal shape

You are asymmetrical

Hello, I am thinking about using it to correct my asymmetry, one eye is lower and one side of my nose is slightly lower than the other, as well as my lips. Will it bring the lower side up more?

Yes, it will bring your lower part up more.

Will the teeth themselves eventually move into place due to the contracted jaw muscles? Or is the rectifier something to wear forever. I wear a retainer for my top teeth, should I also wear this while doing the starecta method?

You can wear a retainer, it’s not a problem.

I pulled out one lower molar teeth from both side and one upper molar teeth from right side because of toothache , which cause asymmetric. Is it fine if I pull out one upper molar teeth from left side ? Then putting braces for filling gaps..

No sir, we do not suggest to do this.

Sir , I think starecta can solve one of the mysterious problem of dental” eating edges of the tough” (some people’s bad habit).. Because I believe it is cause by asymmetric teeth which cause asymmetrical of face..

I have a great tip: sleep on your back. I used to have a very asymmetrical face, I was always shocked and sad when I saw myself in pictures.

So I started sleeping on my back and after just a few weeks I see a considerable improvement! I don’t even sleep on my back exclusively, just some of the time yet it’s helping.

hello sir my face is mildly deviated to left side and left side cheek muscles are weaker than my right cheek.. please help me and reply me fast can starecta will help me or not ?

Dear you should buy the Rectifier if it is deviated to left.

I am a student and I am writing collage work about facial asymmetry, would it be possible to get the authors of this article. Thanks in advance, Amber

You can email us to info@starecta.com

My left side cheeks is proper but my right side cheeks is bigger than the left side,could u pls suggest me on this and it’s making me very uncomfortable,in the pics I can see it’s bigger than left one,

Dear, you are asymmetrical we have created the Rectifier to reduce asymmetries


Nice one

Will I be able to use the rectifier if I have on a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth?

Generally it is not a problem.

My cheeks are very flat, which also make my eyes pop and protrude too much (also they tend to like tired, especially when you view my profile), also my face is long (I want a smaller or slightly wider face to combat that). Will this work? Also I’m 19, will that effect the treatment negatively? I like the front of my face but when I turn to my side, it feels flat (even though my nose is quite prominent), and I feel like a gorrilla lol. I feel like have so much potential in my face, but because of my flat cheeks, bulging eyes etc… the potential is lost. It also makes me feel self conscious to tie my hair up because it shows so much of my long face. Will it work? I want a shorter face and bigger cheeks pls!

Having a symmetrical face can only improve your health and your attractiveness.


iam long term mouth breather , i have underdeveloped maxilila narrow , i have forward head posture , and i tilt my head back to breath better. but if i pull my mandibale forward all my problems will be gone, my dentist suggested to have surgery to bring my mandible forward.
but i dont want surgery. will starecta method help me?

Here in Starecta we pull the mandible forward to activate the Rectifier, your dentist is right. It’s up to you what you want to do: Rectifier or Surgery.

I never had asymmetrical face. It just developed after I noticed that my left cheek was slightly puffy than usual. I didn’t consult a doctor because I thought it would heal by itself. Now it seems to be permanent and it has been about 2 years already. Is there a way I can heal it?

You are asymmetric, The Rectifier was invented to solve these kind of problems

My name is Kimberly and im 29 years old, Ive been very insecure about my face imbalance and how it looks.. One side of my nose is higher than the other as well as my lips, also when i smile i can tell the difference that it is assymetrical, ive had orthodontic work done in the past and it never seemed to help with alignement. Im very interested in this method.. How can i purchase? price? I live in Texas U.S.A

We ship in US and all over the world, you can buy it from here: http://www.starecta.com/selling-page

I have had orthodontics , which has caused me an underbite because they removed two teeth. I know if I regain the space I will get a good bite. Does the rectifier help to open up the space after an extraction?

The Rectifier open up the space among molars to bring the skull up.

Will this make your face grow forward and up ?

No, it doesn’t make your face longer

Hi. My face is very asymmetrical in which The right side of my face is more lower then my left and my bottom jaw is tilted more to the right. Will the starecta method help correct my asymmetry?

Yes of course

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