How to Deal with the space between the molars after you have finished with Starecta?

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In this report, I will deal with the thorny issue of the after-Starecta. A lot of people do not start Starecta because they do not know how to deal with the issue of the space between the teeth.

First of all, let us explain what happens when you start the Starecta process. Starecta plans to enter a dental device in your mouth, called Rectifier. The Rectifier, added to a specific method, allows the body to resettle, balance and symmetricise within a few years. All asymmetry-related pain disappear in the first few weeks and after a while, the body resettles, within the limits of possible (if the bones are asymmetric it is not possible to be extended, but muscular asymmetries can be corrected).

All those who are affected by asymmetry have a big, fat benefit from Starecta and we have hundreds of testimony to prove it. We have already explained the secret to taking the body to balance in many reports. It is the dental height, on of the key elemens of Starecta, that leads the body to become straight and balanced.
You can deepen the matter by reading some of our reports on the topic:

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Body posture depends on teethBody posture depends on teeth

But what happens when the Starecta process ends?
At the end of the procedure there is a space between the teeth created by the Rectifier (not always, it depends on the severity of the case). If you remove the Rectifier and you do not put nothing in that space (often it is minimum and imperceptible, as it is 1-2 mm), the skull returns to collapse and the body returns to an asymmetry state. The pain comes back and the symptoms with it.

That is why you have to be sure that that space will never be closed again. That space is what separates a quiet life from a infernal life.
This space is necessary. Some people consider it as a side effect, we consider it as a solution instead.

If you have a lack of vertical dimension in molar and premolar zone, the space between you teeth is not a side effect, it is the solution to your pain.
Having said that, let us see how to do to not let that space between molars be closed again. There are different ways to end Starecta and to prevent the space between teeth to be closed again.

These are the ones we have experienced, but there is no limit to the possibilities and we are sure that many good dentists know alternative solutions that we are not yet aware of.

In any case, there are the most traditional solutions:

Mantaining the Tailored Rectifier all life: Moreno Conte did this. He has a Tailored Rectifier that sometimes (2-3 times per year) continues to modify because it consumes or the resin breaks. It is a simple solution, which does not require any effort. Sometimes you have to make some changes since the resin can break or consume. There is to be said that Moreno continues to use a tailored because he wants to constantly experience on himself the effets of the Rectifier in different sport areas.

Putting a splint in thermoplast: very subtle and almost nvisible: this is a solution I have been following for a very long time and I have found it really good. A splint in thermoplast is much thinner than one in resin and it is almost invisible. The resin we provide is invisible, so it is an ideal solution for those who want to spend little and want to have a definitive solution to the space between teeth. Moreover, unlike a slpint in resin, if it falls apart it does not break, because it is much more elastic and light. It is a solution that I strongly recommend.

bite dentale

Extruding the teeth (in case of little space): Extruding teeth is a very common practice among dentists: some rubber bands are applied, they move the teeth over time extruding a little. It is an ideal solution if rhe molar space is very small. If you have a lot of space between molars this solution is not enough because your teeth cannot extrude too much.

braces teeth

Putting in some hard and resistant resin on teeth: some hard resin is putted on your molar to close the space so as to recreate a new occlusion. Of course, during the years (5 to 8 years) this resini is consumed, so occasionally it is appropriate to take a control to raise the molars.

Extruding the teeth + putting hard resin: this is the solution that followed Valerio because his space between teeth was very high, he could not occupy it completely with teeth extrusion of the teeth (teeth can not be extruded too much) so he first extruded his teeth and then he added some resin. Every 4-5 years he goes to his dentists to add some resin.

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