How To Appropriately Correct Kyphosis

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You will discover in the following report, how to seriously correct kyphosis, beyond mistaken beliefs that are amongst the world of posture correction. You will find out that, as in every aspect of life, there is only one way to do one thing well, while all the others are incorrect.

What Is Kyphosis?

We need to understand the subject matter before entering the topic of “correct kyphosis” in order to know what we are addressing. Kyphosis or hyperkyphosis is an anterior deformation of the upper part of the spine. It is generally associated with the elderly who walk with their back completely hunched forward. For this reason it is also simply called “hump”.

Unfortunately, it is erroneously associated with advanced age and deterioration of bones. And as matter of fact, kyphosis is discovered much earlier, when we are still young. Therefore it is a deformation that affects both old and young people.

As you will later discover, everything depends on the teeth: if they are not properly extruded, kyphosis is one of the pathologies that can be generated, in addition to scoliosis and lordosis. If you do not intervene on dental occlusion it becomes impossible to correct kyphosis.

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The back has 3 natural curves: cervical lordosis, dorsal kyphosis and lumbar lordosis. These allow the vertebral column to remain elastic, making it able to face all the stress it receives from the top, due to the force of gravity, and from the one that derives from the ground.

If there is a case of dorsal kyphosis, this natural curvature serves to allow the lungs to have the right space during the act of breathing. When it becomes too pronounced it indicates a pathological state. In fact, when the dorsal section undergoes an alteration, it inevitably affects the cervical and lumbar tracts and shoulders. The consequence is an overall joint stiffness.

The Wrong Beliefs About The Causes of Kyphosis

As with all postural sectors, even on kyphosis the mainstream have erroneous beliefs that we try to dismantle in this blog.

The most common misconception is that posture negatively affects kyphosis. In fact it is erroneously believed that due to sedentary life we ​​tend to be hunched over the desk and therefore it generates kyphosis. Unfortunately, this absolutely erroneous thesis, appears to be quite acceptable. Which means we will have to make an extra effort to crush it.

It’s an imprecise and wrong belief. As a matter of fact, out of 100 people working in an office only a part of these have kyphosis, how come the others haven’t developed kyphosis or serious postural problems? Don’t they sit the same way? Do they have the same kind of sedentary habits? Yet not all develop kyphosis.

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On this note, if you have a correct dental extrusion you can even spend 8 hours a day, for years, staying curved at your desk without anything happening to your back. Its not the posture that affects the curves of your back, but the dental extrusion. It is only through dental extrusion that the kyphosis can be corrected.

We will expand this concept later and understand how the only reason that generates the kyphosis resides in the teeth and in their bad extrusion. Unfortunately, this concept is so counterintuitive that it will take years to be accepted.

To find a remedy to kyphosis, the mainstream has invented solutions as imprecise as the theory that explains it: in fact since we were children they taught us to keep your back straight.

This is not a solution at all, indeed it is completely useless. It has no effect on the real causes of kyphosis that precisely resides in the dental area.

The Exercises To Correct Kyphosis Are Useless

What can be done to keep kyphosis in good condition? The mainstream did not know the real causes of it and invented postural exercises. On the basis of these exercises an industry of professionals were born, whom were able to obtain significant results.

I say this with regret.

Starecta’s opinion on such professionals is not negative, they can be very useful, but only as a support to the Starecta Rectifier. Unfortunately, they cannot correct kyphosis alone.

The body has fixed rules, which are always the same. It is useless to invent a thousand different methods to intervene on a problem, since only one works.

In all areas of life there are a thousand ways to do something wrong and only one to do it right.

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Another completely wrong solution to correct kyphosis is to pay attention to how we sleep. The position we take during our sleep is completely irrelevant. You can even sleep upside down, nothing changes. I will never stop repeating it, the body has its own internal tension which is completely independent of external inputs.

We should not act by modifying external stimuli, but we should act on internal stimuli: on dental extrusion.

Someone invented a story that sleeping with bent legs in the lateral position, like a fetus, allows lordosis and kyphosis to be maintained in the correct position. This statement is just as wrong as the one of sleeping with your head oriented towards the pole star to capture the positive astral influences.

A sacrifice to Zeus, the father of Gods, would have more positive effects on kyphosis than any other position during sleep.

Also, do not take the mattress into consideration: whether it’s orthopedic or just a regular one, nothing changes. The mattress has no effect on kyphosis or lordosis.

Postural exercises can be useful only because they make you move, but they are no more effective than swimming or taking a walk into the woods. Viceversa they become very useful if they offer support to the Starecta Rectifier.

This is the reason why we advise chiropractors, posturologists and other posture experts to join Starecta. Only with Starecta can their work become truly effective and acquire true authority.

What Are The Real Causes Of Kyphosis?

We can state that the only real cause of kyphosis lies in the cranial mandibular relationship. In other words, the cause of our postural problems lies in teeth. To learn more about it, you can read “Body Posture Depends in Teeth“.

Only until a few decades ago, it was believed that the skull was simply supported by the muscles of the cervical spine. Over the course of time, some founders have come to understand the jaw’s role in the human postural system. It is understood that neck and back problems are caused by cranio-cervical-mandibular disorders.

The “mandible” has a fundamental role in supporting the skull.

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How Is Kyphosis Generated?

Actually the answer is very simple. The skull is supported by the jaw and teeth. If teeth are not sufficiently extruded, the skull tends to sink, pushing the spine downwards.

In fact, when the spinal column is pushed downwards by the weight of the skull, it finds no space where it can be relocated, so it aggravates the physiological postural curves generating hyperkyphosis, hyperlordosis or scoliosis. Each body compensates differently.

The skull will sink depending on bad tooth extrusion (due to natural causes) or bad dental work. If you want to correct kyphosis it is important to be aware of this.

Unfortunately dentists have a big negative role in this scenario. Most postural problems (including hyperkyphosis) are caused by dentists. These dentists unknowingly modify dental occlusion allowing the skull to sink, which starts to push the spine.

As the skull begins to sink, the negative symptoms and pains in the body begin.

Can Kyphosis Be Corrected?

Kyphosis is corrected in only one way: it is necessary to introduce an instrument that recreates a correct occlusion which is placed into your mouth. This tool exists and it’s called Rectifier.

The Starecta Rectifier is able to recreate a correct occlusion by bringing the skull back into a correct position. By doing so, the vertebral spine is lifted from the heavy load that was forced support and finally return to a correct position.

Clearly if you are at an advanced age, it is difficult to go back, but surely you can stop the negative spiral that causes your body to “curl up” and you can get rid of most back pain you are suffering from.

Viceversa, if you wear the Rectifier at an early age you can completely eliminate the kyphosis and have a biomechanically perfect body.

If you want to know more about this topic, I suggest you to read the book: How I straightened My Spine

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