Why is my head falling forward?

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Report intended for those who have their head falling forward and have also developed kyphosis. You’ll discover how to solve it permanently.

If your head is falling forward you’ll be surely wondering why fate was so little lenient with you.

Why do the others go around straight and you have this damned head that seems falling down? You are a confident person and yet you look like a depressed or even worse an ostrich.

Actually you don’t have a lot of physical pain and this is already an advantage.

But you do not like to live with this problem and you do not want to accept it. You want a straight head like everyone else.

When summer approaches and everyone is wearing a t-shirt, you have to show this curved spine that comes out of your t-shirt. It is certainly not a pretty sight, especially when you go out with friends.

Because of this issue you had to face different types of people, all equally annoying:

There are those who will repeat endlessly to stand up straight because everything depends either on a flawed posture or on a negative psychological attitude. Maybe you believe in this nonsense and actually you try to keep your head straight.

Maybe you can do it for 4 minutes, but as you get distracted you go back to the former position.

Because of your issue, it’s really impossible to stand upright. Next time someone tells you to stand straight answer him that soon you’ll be even straighter than him.

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Then there are those that just pull your legs. When you are younger these kind of people are the most annoying ever (as you grow up they disappear) because they believe to be really cool when they bully you.

The problem is that what they say is true, you are really bent and then what can you answer back?

You just shut up and bite the bullet. Just because nature was more generous with them.

Then there are those relatives who are beginning to say that you are shy, that’s all because of your father as one day you went to get an ice cream and he bought you the strawberry flavour even if you preferred lemon.

According to them since then you would have developed a negative attitude towards life. On this nonsense, these “experts” have built entire careers.

As if that was not enough to rage against you, there are those useless images broadcasting on the web that reveal the secret of posture.

Those who tell you what is the correct and the wrong position.

posture sitting

What a wonderful discovery, shame that you cannot keep that posture. So those images are useless.

More stuff that annoys you without giving you any benefit.

Besides, people posting pictures like that are totally ignorant on the subject, as they don’t feel what you feel.

They do not even imagine that for you, being able to keep a good posture is very tiring.

These charlatans who spread their images can only create confusion. The result is that you go from one specialist to another without solving anything.

So you’ve met all types. All these people haven’t got the slightest idea of what it means to be in your situation.

They do not even know what it means to be forced to have a head that falls forward.

They do not know that it is very difficult for you to remain in the upright position.

For them it is easy to stand straight because without even realizing, nature endowed them with an advantage that instead was not given to you.

They do not deserve it more than you, but they received it. They do not even know what this advantage is, however, they have it.

We have said that some of them believe that you have a negative attitude toward life, and you are psychologically fragile.

Do you feel psychologically fragile? Do you feel weaker than the others? We both know that is not true.

But then a doubt remains: why is for others so easy to stand straight and for you it is so complicated?

Surely you’ve visited dozens of specialists to find an answer. How many types of specialists have you visited?

Masters of Yoga: these have been trying to get you to do a spiritual and muscular job. But obviously your issue hasn’t been solved because your problem is neither spiritual, nor psychological nor muscular.

Personal Training: focuses on targeted exercises working only from the standpoint of muscles. In practice, according to him, the muscles have to do the work that competes to your molars and premolars (later you will understand why).

Posturologist: is that one that understands the least of all and he suggests you to go and visit one of the two previous specialists, or he sends you directly to the swimming pool. If you are unlucky you will pay a lot of money to have a totally useless dental bite.

At the end of this path nothing has changed. If you have followed their advice the only result that you got is to have severe pain in the neck, the back, the shoulders and shoulder blades due to the forced muscular compensation in that area.

It’s not a great result after so much energy and time spent in these pseudo-solutions.

What are the causes for a head that falls forward

So what are the causes of this head that falls forward? And above all, how do I get rid of this obnoxious problem condemning my life to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

First we must make a clean sweep of all those stupid things that you have heard around.

  1. It is not true that the head forward is due to a closed attitude towards life.
  2. It is not true that you are an introverted person without love towards the others.
  3. It is not true that you are in a defensive position.
  4. It is not true that you have to pay attention to your posture (you really believe that all those people that stand straight are constantly focused on their posture?).
  5. It is not true that you need to do physical exercises to improve your posture.
    All these things are simply unnecessary techniques to justify the specialist’s fee.

The cause of this phenomenon lies in biomechanics. You have your head forward because you cannot biomechanically keep it straight! There is no other explanation.

You can force yourself as much as you want to keep it straight, to think positive and to have a lot of friends.

But you will always have your head falling forward until you rely on these theories that have no scientific proof.

But if you want to really solve this problem you have to get to the heart of the issue, or you have to intervene in the area that adjusts the postural bio mechanism.

In fact you should know that the skull is basically supported by your jaw and by the height of your teeth.

If your teeth are sufficiently extruded then you will keep a good posture because the skull is supported by the teeth in an ideal location.

In practice, you will keep the skull in a correct condition without any effort.

But if your teeth are not well extruded, they are not able to push the skull upwards and to support it in a correct position.

Then your head will tend to fall forward.

This phenomenon is linked to several negative consequences for your posture: cervical lordosis, kyphosis and lumbar lordosis later.

All these paramorphisms are a consequence of the lack of dental height.

Finally there is a final and completely natural solution.

We realized that the problem of a head falling forward comes from the teeth. But then how can we solve this situation? How can we bring back our head in a correct position?

To do this we must act directly on the teeth. In fact, we said that the problem stems from a lack of dental height, which means that your teeth are not able to support your skull. So we have to use a tool that creates this extra height.

In practice, thanks to the Starecta method you will have a tool ( The Rectifier) and a method that will allow you to do what nature didn’t permit you to do: keep your head straight.

These are the results that we got:

unbalanced starecta evolution
evolution starecta posture
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