Giuseppe Rossi: why does he always get injured?


We finally figured out how to permanently find a solution to the frequent and regular injuries that affect Giuseppe Rossi. Fiorentina and the Italian national teams could eventually recover their best striker.

It was time to seriously have a look at Rossi’s case. This situation was going on for too long. One of the best Italian strikers that was not able to play for months just because no one had bothered to find the reason for his mysterious problem.

If we do not make a step to solve Rossi’s case, Italian football definitely risks losing an ace. Rossi cannot deal with other injuries. Besides, at this stage Fiorentina does not have another striker that may be able to support the team during the championship and there are only a few days left until the end of the market closure. What do we want to do?

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Yet there is a solution that can put Rossi back in shape and get him back to the great scorer he used to be. But if we do not move quickly we may risk that he ends up like Pato (another apparently mysterious case) who ended up playing in a mediocre team in Brazil after a very promising start.

Can you imagine Fiorentina facing another year without scorers and not getting involved with the major clubs? That would be a hoot for clubs such as Inter and Napoli.

Just think about what Fiorentina would have been able to do in the last season if only Rossi was in good shape along the entire course of the championship. Now Purple Ultras only concern would be buying tickets in time for the Champions League.

What is the reason for these injuries? Journalists have given their explanation: it is just a chronic bad luck that haunts him.

Bad luck??? !!!!

Seriously? Are we not able to do any better? A player who is regularly injured always on the same knee cannot just suffer chronic misfortune. There must be something else behind.

Rossi’s problem is not bad luck, it is rather a problem in his body that is not working properly and needs to be solved.

 Finally Rossi is not going to get injured once again

But, before getting to the heart of the matter and trying to understand the reason why Rossi’s body is not good and how it can be fixed, let’s try to think at it in a reasonable way. Have you noticed that the majority of Rossi’s accidents are concentrating on the right knee? Why his right knee is so much more battered than the left one?

Why accidents always happen on his right knee? Is it all a matter of fate?

Ok, we have reached the moment of truth. You’ve waited long enough, now you deserve to know why Rossi gets injured so often. Rossi gets injured because his body is not straight. It’s clear, it does not take a genius to figure it out, just look at one of his pictures.


As you can clearly see, his face is completely crooked. You can notice this through three elements:

– his left eye is lower and less open than his right eye

– his left ear is lower and more protrusive than the right one

– on the left side of his skull the scalp is pulled down

Ok, Rossi is not straight, but what has this to do with the right knee? What is the relationship between the twisted skull and the knee?

Let me explain it in simple words: it is true that the skull falls to the left (as seen in photo) but it is shifted to the right of the body’s centre of gravity.

This means that it is true that in the photo the skull seems to tend towards the left, but in fact its weight stays on the right side.

rossi skeleton

Observing his entire body you can better understand what I mean. As you can see in the picture, his right abdominals, his pelvis (the right side) and his right shoulder are stretched and raised upwards compared to the left side of the body. This is best seen on the skeleton where it is evident that the vertical line passing through the body’s centre of gravity does not correspond with the skull’s centre of gravity.

In short, the skull is shifted to the right and it is a burden on the right side of the body.

But why the skull is inclined on the left side and shifted to the right side of the body? The problem is that Giuseppe Rossi has a skull-mandible joint imbalance, or his left dental arch teeth are less extruded than those on the right side. In short the left teeth are not high enough to hold the skull. So the skull is going downhill and falling to the left.

To compensate for this left inclination the skull moves to the right. That’s what an imbalance skull-mandible joint is all about. All this would be just a minor thing if it was not for the fact that this bad positioning of the skull then affects the whole body. This causes the right side of the body to be super tight and pulled upward. This biomechanical problem offsets the centre of gravity in the body and causes an excess of weight on the right leg.

So as you can see from the photos, Rossi leans on the right. I challenge anyone to deny it. Ask him where he feels most of his weight. He will tell you that he feels it mostly on the right. Sure-fire!

So at last we can safely say that Rossi gets injured mostly on his right knee because the majority of his weight stays exactly on the right. So his right knee is subjected to a constant pressure by far superior to that affecting his left knee.

It is not quite clear yet? This example will dispel all doubts: imagine you run with a Ferrari that has the right tires deflated. It would be very dangerous and they would need to be inflated quickly.

Let’s inflate Rossi’s tires

We said that the cause of all this mess is due to that fact that the left teeth are not extruded enough so that the skull inclines to the left. So it is clear that this is where we must take an action as soon as possible.

To do this we must raise the skull on the left side and ensure that it remains in a correct position. Given that his teeth are too low to carry out this task alone, we need a tool that stands between the dental arches.

Obviously this is a simplification because in order to do this, it is really necessary to adopt a particular method recently invented that uses a tool called The Rectifier.

This method returns the skull in the correct position. Subsequently, this effect will rebound on the whole body. Using this method, first of all the face will get back to be symmetrical: left ear, eye and scalp will realign with those on the right.

Same will happen to the rest of the body: right shoulder, pelvis and abdominal will realign completely up to the correct position.

Finally the centre of gravity will realign itself with the vertical line that divides the body into two halves precise. So the body’s weight will not rebound on the right knee anymore.

We can therefore say that Rossi has a serious problem caused by a biomechanical imbalance of the skull-mandible joint. Once this problem is solved throughout the body he will resume offering amazing performance.

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