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In this report you will find how to get definitely and naturally high and symmetrical cheekbones through a new Italian method licensed at an international level which will amaze you.

If you are reading this article the reason is, in a few words, that when you look in your mirror you don’t like the image it reflects and you really want to improve your face. When you look in the mirror you see an ugly, asymmetrical and, mostly, poorly shaped.

This generates a great amount of uncertainties in you. It is normal for you to be unsure; you know well that beauty, even before character, is your business card. The most famous in the world people’s careers have been built exactly on their beauty!

It is useless to tell lies to yourself when every day your mirror shows you a bitter truth. Useless to try those stupid facial gym exercises that everyone advises you to try; useless to effect botox injections to look like as if made in plastic and artificial; in the end, it is crazy to rely on the dangerous plastic surgery.

Nonetheless, despite all the deceptions you received, once again here you are in front of a monitor searching a way to develop your cheekbones which at the moment are totally invisible. Unfortunately, nature did not give you a strongly shaped face, therefore it is you that must create it.

Luckily enough, you have good will, but out there there is not much stuff able to help you in concrete. Most of the circulating techniques are almost useless.

But you do not give up and once again you have turned your PC on looking through Google words such as how to “make your cheekbones large”, “develop your cheekbones”, “have high cheekbones” and so on. But, as usual, you bumped into the habitual inconclusive methods or, what is even worse,  harmful.

Among the most useless and harmful methods you can find around, there are:

Facial gym: it is a totally irrelevant practice for your cheekbones. According to such practice you should devote hours to train some facial areas. Don’t you really have a better way – or any other thing to do-  to spend your time during the day than smiling artificially to move these muscles? Do you know that your friends equipped with high cheekbones have never done even a single day of facial gym? On the contrary, they have got a secret that I will tell you only at the end of this report.

Botox injections (hyaluronic acid): people with no time to waste prefer to be injected with  acid in their body, called botulinus. But its excessive use in the long period turned to be even counterproductive for many stars, harmful for their facial aesthetic, as it is the case of actress Nicole Kidman, forced to a long period of unemployment exactly due to lack of facial expressiveness caused by botox. Or the case of Carla Bruni, whose facial mimicry is practically so far reduced to zero, or for many models famous in the ’90s who made their face unrecognizable, similar to a plastic mask.

Surgical intervention: for desperate people there is also the surgical intervention to their cheekbones that can be very dangerous. A surgical intervention is a practice which must be faced with extreme carefulness. The intervention can fail and cause irreversible damages. Furthermore, many people get depressed due to the poor results obtained after an intervention on their cheekbones.

I am sorry in relating such bad news, but the problem of the scarcely shaped cheekbones cannot be solved through an 8 hour intervention and a 10.000 dollars’ transfer. The process of cheekbones strengthening must be natural if you want it to be lasting and , which is more important, efficacious. If you want high cheekbones you must intervene at the root of the problem. Practically, you must recreate the same bio-mechanical conditions that your friends have had, right from their birth.

Shortly, you must have a suitable dental extrusion allowing the natural  development of all the muscles involved in the facial cheekbones’ development.

This is the reason why you can change your dress, your hair cut, put an expensive perfume on, follow a gym course, have a new pair of glasses, spend your time making up or using many other ruses. If you do not act radically there is not really much to do for your face. Your mirror will always show you poorly shaped or asymmetrical cheekbones , causing the fall of the whole house of cards created by you, your tailor or hairdresser.

But your researches have not been in vain. Some years ago a new method asserted itself, acting at an occlusal level to modify facial muscles in a permanent and systematic way, right at their root! This method exploits a particular dental splint called Rectifier.

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The first method able to get high and symmetrical cheekbones exploiting the biomechanical laws

If facial gym, botox injections and surgical interventions are not right, so how can you develop your cheekbones? As previously mentioned, you must use biomechanical laws. More specifically, you must allow your teeth (dental height) to have your facial muscles reactivated.

This way you are not compelled to do exhausting and tiring daily exercises. By this method your muscles reactivate by themselves and work in total autonomy. You practically develop your facial muscles while having a shower, studying, working, cooking and even while eating or chatting.

Such method exploits the human biomechanical laws to promote the natural and symmetrical muscle development of your face.

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Through the help of the said splint, which is put on your dental  arches, your facial muscles are activated as never before allowing to give new balance and harmony on your face on your head.

Try to imagine a t-shirt which is  wrinkled and crinkled, put on your body; the same goes for the skin of your face which this way is reset on your head in a relaxed and symmetrical way.

Once the Rectifier put on, your facial muscles change their shape and move the soft parts of your face (skin, eyes, ears, lips, and so on). It is as if your face were reshaped in a natural way owing to the symmetrical activation of such muscles.

Furthermore, when these muscles are activated they are automatically more blood-perfused and able to better contract, without saying that are better oxygenated.

Your face will turn out to be stronger , shaped, symmetrical and solar! But mostly the important changes in it will be seen in the medium long term.

If you want to know more about this topic and understand the functioning of such biomechanism, download the first free on-line book revealing the human biomechanical’s secrets.

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