Cosmetic sugery or Starecta: which is better to correct facial asymmetry?


In this report, I explain to you why Starecta is more effective than cosmetic surgery to correct facial asymmetries.

Many people ask me if Starecta is effective to make their face symmetrical. I answer to them that the Starecta Rectifier is, at present, the best tool for improving the symmetry of the face and the body. There are no better ones in the world.

Then they ask me if the Rectifier is even more effective than the cosmetic surgery.

When they make this question, I smile. There is a false belief that the cosmetic surgery, only because it is really expensive, is super effective. The fact that it is really expensive gives no guarantees it is effective. It is just expensive!

What is the problem with the cosmetic surgery?

With 15.000 dollars, cosmetic surgery is able to straighten anything in half a day. After 5 hours in the operating room, you are symmetrical. Wow, that is great!

That is fantastic, it is a pity that after some years your asymmetries come to light again all together like nothing happened. How so? Yet that 15.000 dollars had been paid, you remember that. How can you forget, they were not even covered by health insurance.

So what happened? Why, 3 years after that operation, your nose is crooked again, your eye is lower again and that hateful smirk on the right of your face is there again?

It is really simple: you are not balanced and facial and body asymmetry are just a last consequence of a disequilibrium that has deeper causes.

Indeed, when the skull is not adequately favored by the mandible it sinks on one side or another. Sinking, muscles (for example masseter and temporal muscles) located on the side where the skull is sunk shorten. The ones located on the other side reach. So we will have shorter muscles on one side of the face and longer muscles on the opposite side.

I think it is all clear here!

What happens when a muscle is shorter than another? A short muscle is stronger than a long one. So it happens that the short muscle pulls into the soft parts of the face (cartilage, lips, skin). That’s why a lot of people have a crooked nose, a lower ear, a crooked chin, a smirk on the face… They have a short side whose muscles pull into the rest of their face. In fact, the soft parts of the face tend to go all to the same direction, towards the short part of the face, the one where the strongest muscles are.

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Cosmetic surgery is useless without Starecta

Made that precondition, let’s see what happens when you are in the operating room and the surgeon is preparing to correct your asymmetries.

What happens when you undergo an operation of cosmetic surgery? It happens that the surgeon pulls your skin to straighten everything out. However, intrinsic asymmetries remain unaffected. The skull continues to be collapsed on the part of mandibula that does not support it, short muscles are not affected at all. Everything remains unaffected, the only thing that changes is what appears on the surface: the skin is pulled and modeled.

That is why over time these diabolic forces, which work in silence under tissues, carry the soft parts of the face in their previous situation of asymmetry.

Some years after your operation, the eye is down again, smirks are there again, the nose is resuming torcers. As long as the muscles continue to work asymmetrically, your soft parts of the face will never be in a symmetrical position. That would be a utopia.

Your face is intrinsically asymmetric and asymmetrical forces work intensely against you. You can not contrast them with a cosmetic surgery of 15.000 dollars. It does not work in this way, it is not so easy.

If you really want to stop the process that brings your face to a condition of pathologic asymmetry, you have to intervene in the origins of asymmetry. You have to stop the process that has made your face asymmetrical.

The only reason that brings your face (and your body) to be asymmetrical is the collapse of the skull that shortens some muscles and extends some others. What you have to do is to extend the short muscles and shorten the long ones. To do that, you have to bring the skull in its ideal position. Without this process you can forget having a symmetrical face. You will never have that. It does not depend on how much you pay, but how you intervene on the real cause of the problem.

That is why, when people ask me if Starecta is so powerful as cosmetic surgery, I smile. Cosmetic surgery corrects you immediately and its effects last some years. Starecta brings you again in symmetry forever because it acts at the root of the problem. Cosmetic surgery acts only superficially.

If the hydraulic system is broken and water moisten the walls of your house by making mold spots, what do you do? You call the painter and paint the walls or you call the plumber that breaks the walls and changes the rotten pipes? The same way of thinking applies to Starecta, you have to solve the cause of the problem!

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to become symmetrical on your face! You have to call the plumber, not the painter.

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