Chronic Back Pain: the New Italian Method to Solve it

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Through this report we explain how Starecta method definitely solves the problems linked to chronic back pain by realigning your backbone and redistributing the postural load all along your body.

Who better than you knows that any method to solve your back pain turned out to be useless? Unfortunately, this problem has a huge diffusion, but nobody has been able to solve it so far. There are thousands of methods in the world promising great results to you, but at the end of them all your back pain never disappears.

You have had periods of relief and health, during which your chronic back pain seemed to have totally disappeared but just a storm or a sleep-deprived night, a stiff mattress or even an hour spent in front of your computer and you faced the return of that  pitiless back pain once again.

Some methods gave you immediate short term benefits, that have diminished as time went by. This way allowing the return of all those damned pains you know so well  and which you have been tormenting by for such a long time.

On some other occasions you have been submitted by this or that posturologist to complicated, long and tiring postural exams; he passed himself off for a great professional, but then he gave you banal postural exercises if not painkillers.

You will certainly have proved the immediate benefit of chiropractic manipulations or some reliable osteopaths’, recommended by friends or doctors. But you will have observed that the acquired benefit, in a matter of a few hours or even minutes, got rapidly lost. As a result, you have been compelled to go to the osteopath’s or the chiropractor’s again to start a new session.

All these sessions get the only result to empty your wallet without solving the problem. As a matter of fact, these practices are not useless in themselves, they bring you some benefits and relief, in the short-medium term, which are very significant. But I tell you once again that the point is that this way the cause of the postural problem is not eradicated.

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I bet you have almost resigned to live with your chronic back pain. I can imagine why; you may have tried thousands of different methods to have it go: gym, pilates, mezieres, postural exercises, yoga, massages and many other things. In the end you lost faith in all of them.

But if it happened to you to read this report this means you have not surrendered and that you still have a grain of hope. I can assure you that your researches have been successful. If you go on reading this report you will understand the reason why. Furthermore, we will solve for you the mysterious reason of such a sufferance from your side and the reason why all the cures and methods employed so far have never had any effect.

Why you suffer from Chronic back pain and how to solve it by Starecta Method

If I were you I would immediately stop all these useless practices and I would devote myself to the research of a method able to really solve once and for all your chronic back pain once and for all.

The problem is that the users of these therapies don’t really know why you suffer from your back pain. No expert out there really has a clear idea about the back pain cause, for this reason no one can solve it in a permanent and definitive way.

Starecta method can explain the back pain causes and eliminate them by an exclusive technique.

You will certainly have grasped  that your back pain is caused by a wrong posture and by asymmetric loads weighing on your bones and muscles. Due to this wrong posture your body suffers even when simply “standing up.”

So, if the problem, as you will have grasped, depends on your posture and on asymmetric, wrong muscular loads, the question to ask is: what causes a wrong posture and asymmetric, wrong muscular loads? Which is their origin and primary cause?

Pay attention carefully since what you are going to read is somewhat extraordinary. It is not your feet sustaining your body, but your TEETH!

skull starecta theory

As a matter of fact , we in Starecta have understood that the whole back, spine, backbone and head lay on teeth in a strict cranial-mandibular relationship. Therefore, when the teeth located in molar and premolar area are not extruded, your head loses sustainment and compresses your backbone. The immediate consequence of all this is the compression of vertebrae, nerves, tendons and organs. Consequently, following the compression, your back assumes wrong postures, this way generating the habitual back pain.

I bet that so far no one had given you such a simple and effective explanation of your chronic back pain. Most professionals experts promote absurd and complex hypothesis that only serve to demonstrate their ignorance.

If you are interested in deepening this thesis read the report “Body posture depends on teeth” where you can find any detailed explanation.

Probably other professionals may have told you the same or similar things, but grasping                   something does not mean understanding it and explaining it in all its minimal details. On the contrary, we have understood!  

Some years ago an Italian method called Starecta was born, able to intervene on this biomechanism correcting the cranial mandibular ratio through a particular splint having unique characteristics. Consequently, if you correct the cranial mandibular ratio, the back bone is put in traction and therefore is able to stretch the antigravitary muscles.

Now balancing the postural load of the whole body becomes something really possible through the use of a technique which is based on the mandibular lever which has the role of stretching the backbone again and give symmetrical muscular inputs. To put it simply (if you are interested in this theory read the free book) this postural splint is able to set you upright again.

unbalanced starecta evolution

The difference between Starecta and the other splints

Briefly, which is the difference between Starecta method and the thousands of other ineffective postural splints?

The only thing in common between Starecta method and the other practices is the tool: a postural splint. But the kind of splint construction and the technique employed to activate it are unique and protected by an international patent.

Most postural splints have not got 4 fundamental characteristics that on the contrary our splint has. If a splint has not got the following 4 characteristics, introduced by Starecta, cannot activate the mandibular lever and stretch your back bone.

Rectifier (Starecta splint) is composed of 4 fundamental characteristics rendering it unique on the world scenario. In order to complete your balancing successfully it is important for you to know these 4 characteristics since they are the key to your recovery: Height, Protrusion, Balancing, Pits.

These 4 characteristics are : height of the splint, mandibular’s protrusion, mandibular balancing and pits on Rectifier.

Which is the role of these 4 characteristics?

1) the height of Rectifier has the function of pushing the head up and improve the effectiveness of the mandibular lever.

2) the mandibular protrusion has the function of pushing the head back, this characteristic is modulated in a close work with the bite’s height for a better effectiveness of the mandibular lever. Height together with protrusion activate the lever effect allowing the body and the back bone to get balance and stretch.

3) the mandibular balancing is useful to reach facial and body symmetry.

4) the pits recreate a firm occlusion and are useful to transmit the neuromuscular signal of your new occlusion to the rest of the body.

Some splints have got one or two of these characteristics but not all four together. If a splint has not got all the listed characteristics is totally ineffective and should be employed only as a door-stop.

On the contrary, Rectifier has them all, therefore as you can see Starecta splint is the opposite of what you can find elsewhere.

Due to these unique characteristics, Starecta is, so far, absolutely the most effective method to solve your problem of chronic back pain.

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