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If you feel like a loser, as I felt, that I tried, with no result, any kind of sport, discipline or manipulation to improve my bad posture, it is time for you to wake up and read this article.

Of course I don’t think you are a loser, anything… I wrote it just to get your attention, for your own good.

In the past I also have felt treated like a loser by all the fake experts who face the posturological problems without understanding anything.They do not understand anything because they have never experienced such problems on their skin. They only read about them in the books, that is why for many years posturology has remained stagnant and incapable of centering the problem.

So I don’t want you, like me, to lose any more time, so read the article and balance yourself with the Plug and Play Rectifier!

Are you one of those:
– Who takes care of body’s fault and seek remedy?
– Who feels the weight of a bad posture?
– Who sees asymmetries of the face, shoulder, pelvis?
– Who goes to the gym to improve their flaws?
– Who seeks to improve postural problems such as dorsal kyphosis,lumbar or cervial lordosis very accentuated?
– Who goes to the osteopath, the chiropractor, the personal trainer or various posture specialists?
– Who have prescribed swimming, woring or yoga for posture?
– Who went to the MBA or an orthopaedic doctor for their pains and postural problems?
– Who ha salso tried buying the power balance, corsets, postural bands and orthopedic insoles to put in the shoes?
– Who, in despair, took anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers harmful to the health?
– Who tried to do all of this without results?

plato powers

Wow! This is amazing. I can see and now feel all these destructive forces. Especially after digesting the material in the book. Thanks again for this ingenious discovery!

Plato Powers
United States
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-28 at 11.17.36

My situation was very bad. I had surgery on my knee and on other part of my body because of my poor posture. I applied this method and now my life has changed completely.

Simone Sincini

It really is amazing! I knew it would be good but i didn’t think it would be this good and work so fast.

Martez McDaniel
United States
Hellen Li

Finally I have no longer problems with my cervical muscles. With the Rectifier I feel perfectly straight, vice versa when I take it off my head tends to fall forward.

Hellen Li
francesco nuzzo

Finally for the first time in 20 years I have found a method to stretch my spine and definitively correct a pronounced lordosis that was causing me a lot of pain.

Francesco Nuzzo
dave rimkus

Day 2 and I am already feeling results. Both mornings my back has felt like it’s gotten a good stretch. My neck feels less tight. And everything from the torso up feels looser.

Dave Rimkus
United States
Audun Jemtland

I was like Moreno in first pic, and it corrected me tremendously in the 1st day. Unbelievable how much change happened in only 3 days.

Audun Jemtland

I feel very balanced and stable, with increased energy. I noticed my inner organs seemed to decompress. Overall i feel very good.

Franziska Altmann

Your product is delivering beyond what should be expected

Max Savin

When examined by two osteopaths both laying and sitting my left leg was longer than my right arm longer than the left. Immediately after inserting the Rectifier these became balanced.

Linda Louise
United Kingdom

I had almost constant neck and shoulder pain on my left side for 10+years. This is now loose as goose. I don’t even feel any desire to go to massages anymore.

Ken Leaver
United States

Feels like something miracle is happening in my body. My shoulder blades are opened having some pain in hips and low back. I think my body is remodeling.

Dr. Pradeep Jirage
Dentist, India

Don’t worry, this is not your fault, you are not a loser, but the losers all of them who define themselves experts, who actually understand nothing.

Well, if you tried to do all of this without any success or real log term benefits, do not worry about it, because in this article you will finally find the agogned solution to all these problems! In a nutshell, you will stop feeling like a loser.

This article applies to all people like you, who really want to make a step forward:
– To solve the asymmetry status of your body
– To improve your posture
– To get back wellness for back, shoulders and neck
– And to solve many other symptoms that go from digestive issues to facial asymmetries

Whether you have to squat with 100kg on your shoulders or just walk straight without difficulties, the Rectifier is the only tool in the world that can balance the body biomechanically. The Rectifier allows your body to let your musculoskeletal apparatus works in a symmetrical way through the effect of the molar lever.

The Rectifier is the only tool able to really straighten the back in a natural way, and to solve countless symptoms caused by bad posture without the help of unnecessary corsets or medicinal products harmful to the health.

Thanks to this tool our customers have had real miracles of posture improvement, the ability to stand upright without effort and the increase of strength. Moreover, the Rectifier:

-It improves the development of the symmetry of the face and the body
-It improves your posture from the inside of your postural system
-It has the ability to solve symptoms that you may never have been able to solve before (night apnees, always earplugged ears, problems with swallowing, gastrointestinal problems)

Because of the stream effect that has on all the muscles of the body, especially the deep ones, nerves, blood vessels, organs, airway, diaphragm decopress and there is also an improvement of biomechanics and sexual vigorosity (you can see all of our testimony and talk directly to those who tested it).

Thanks to this tool, your pains will be just a memory, and also you will be able to do sport as you have previously done.

I am sure you are full of doubts at the moment and that at this point in your head you are going be asking a million questions.

But why is not the Rectifier a tool known by everyone? “Why my doctor, my personal trainer and my denstist never told me about it?” “What is its function?” “How should it act on posture?”

How is the Rectifier born and why is it not known around the world yet?

Let us clarify this issue. Just now all over the world it is beginning to climb a correlation between teeth and posture, or to better say the correlation between the relationship between skull and mandibula and the entire body posture. Currently there is no scientific and academic knowledge of the awareness and correlation of the postural system as a system dependent on the skull and mandibula relationship. The medical branch that is closer is gnathology but its field of action stops at the first neck vertebrae, and it is not going any further.

As for the posturology, it has not gone any further: we continue to use dental bite without any specific criterion, without knowing the effects that are produced on the body.

As for the scientific literature, we can really find everything: studies that demonstrate a relationship between teeth and posture and studies that demonstrate the contrary. But none of these studies have ever deepened how they really relate.

If you want to deepen this topic, I suggest you to download for free my book “How I Finally Straightened my Spine Out

As for the Rectifier, its existence is really recent: it was born less than 7 years ago and it is the evolution of other methodologies tested by people who worked outside the traditional academic field. These people struggled against their miserable postural condition and began to study a method to solve their postural problems. That is why this tool is still not known. It is to be said that Starecta has made strides from giants in this field as in the scientific sphere as evidenced by these articles:

The Starecta community is the evidence that there are people from all over the world that are taking awareness of this problem. You can join this community to exchange experiences with people who are using the Rectifier:

The Rectifier is not yet famous for two reasons: the first is because it is born outside the scientific academic world and the second is because is a very recent tool, but also very effective. But how is it so effective? What is the principle of its operation?

How does the Rectifier works?

First of all I would like to point out that the Rectifier is not a tool that works thanks to some unlikely astral or magnetic force, but it has a biomechanical scientific foundation that uses the effect of the mandibular lever to push the skull upwards and straight the spine.

Not only does it work on the frontal plane, but also saggittale and transverse, in fact the Rectifier puts in symmetry the skull on the mandibula, or better to say, restores the correct cranial mandibular relationship.

The Rectifier has been designed with unique features. These features activate the mandibular lever that shows the skull in balance and in symmetry to the body. The features of the Rectifier are:
1- Important dental height, which acta as a vertical dimension
2- A mandibular protusive,gained thanks to the activation technique, which helps the mandibular lever effect to be more powerful
3- Dental implants that recreate a balanced and symmetrical occlusion

If you want to understand how the Rectifier works and the effects that it has on those who have used it, click o the link in description of the Rectifier.

plug and play rectifier

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