Breathing Problems: the Biomechanical Solution

And finally, here is the biomechanical solution that gets to the origin of the problem and solves your breathing problems permanently.

Breathing Problems solution

You have great difficulty breathing, it is a horrible sensation, you can’t breathe and it’s like there is never enough air in your lungs. I fully understand your problem, because me too, like yourself, would pass awful days unable to breathe.

I am Moreno Conte, founder of Starecta, and with this report I would like to give you not only real hope but also a solution to your breathing problems. Please take 10 minutes to read the report to the end; they will probably be the 10 best spent minutes of your day.

As I was saying, every time you breathe you would like to feel gratified and contented, but it is not like that. Every breath needs a huge effort, the air doesn’t go out naturally and it is not satisfying at all. When you inhale you feel that not enough air has come to the lungs, so you try and breathe harder but the unpleasant unsatisfying sensation is still there.

To the same extent, when you exhale you never feel completely empty of air because, even before the air is completely expelled, you feel the need for more and you immediately start to inhale again in an escalation that drives you to desperation. Those who are not hungry for air like yourself do not understand the tragedy of this curse. Unfortunately, however I do understand it perfectly.

The bitter irony of this situation is represented by the never-ending succession of yawns, one after the other, as a defence of the body to the lack of air. You look like a fish outside water. Those yawns are needed for a better intake of air but still they are of no use, in the long term. Your hunger for air is still unsatisfied. It looks as if there is no way out.

Some days this sensation is worse while in other days it is ok, but the problem is still there and it doesn’t go away. Certainly you are a person who never gives up and who doesn’t wait for a solution to come up by itself. In the past you have been to many doctors and to the best specialist doctors there are, but always with poor results.

The money you spent on this until now has been a lot but unfortunately without tangible results…

But still you did not give up. Since nobody seemed to be able to help you, you decided to take matters in your own hands and look into the subject by yourself. You started to study the scientific literature about your problem. There are many scientific articles on it, but, to tell you the truth, they all seem disappointing and without real effectiveness. Here are some examples of useless articles:

1) Lung Disease & Respiratory Health Center (

2) Your Sleep Apnea Treatment Options (

Those articles never offer a real and permanent solution because they are limited to reporting old studies. They do not introduce new studies to shed some new light on the subject “breathing”. They give you empty talk dressed up as a delicacy.

It must be apparent to you by now that the articles Google suggests are the least useful, those that only summarize the state of the art without giving any real insight into the question. But things are changing!

On the contrary at Starecta, we came up with an innovative, fast and incredibly powerful solution to solve the problems connected with breathing. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to feel satisfied once again and breathe like you have always wanted to.

With this new method, with the aid of a patented splint called Rectifier, you will start to breathe better as a result of a newly balanced symmetrical body both in muscles and in bones.

The splint is an instrument which is placed on the lower dental arch because it is from your mouth that your problem arises. The mouth is also the place where the facial muscles are eventually activated in a symmetrical way to start the entire balancing process.

It is this exact process which will enable you to breathe better.

Once the Rectifier is activated, first you will feel stronger facial muscles with greater blood flow; then the upper air ways are opened and create actual changes on the cranial bones. Shoulders and shoulder blades become relaxed and the stretching capability of the rib cage is amplified.

Thanks to a rib cage that can expand more easily, the air is inhaled more easily and without much effort. You will no longer feel imprisoned nor trapped, instead you will feel free to breathe.

At the moment this is not possible for you because the muscles that should do those movements are not working properly, maybe in a torsion or are not working at all. Therefore, it is very difficult to expand the rib cage.

And yet how is all that possible? How can this dental splint solve all these problems? What is the secret behind all that?


The Solution to all your Breathing Problems is biomechanical!

As I wrote before, thanks to the aid of this exclusive splint with unique characteristics, your body will be finally able to free itself from the problem that imprisons it and can finally start to breathe. Here is how:

The Rectifier transforms your lower jaw in a lever that sustains your skull so that to stretch the spine and give the rib cage room to expand as much as it wants.

In addition, the Recitifier actives all facial muscles: those of the mouth, the cheeks, cheekbones and eyes. When all those muscles get into action symmetrically and get blood flowing in, they suddenly become more reactive and can tense better. They are as well able to open up all breathing channels.

More space in your skull means more intake of air and oxygen without much effort. This and the improved expanding capacity of you rib cage gives you an extraordinary advantage to begin breathing the way you always wanted to breath.

Here some testimonials who tested Starecta:

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breathe teastimonial rectifier

To be able to understand properly this phenomenon, I suggest you download a free book, unique in its genre, that explains the causes, effects and problems of your breathing problems:

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