Best posture brace for rounded shoulders: big problem!

posture brace rounded shoulders

In this report, you will discover two important things: the first is that there is no best posture brace for rounded shoulders because none of them actually work; and secondly, what the only tool that can really solve the problem is.

Firstly, let’s analyse the working principle of a braced posture and how it should solve the problem of rounded shoulders.

The postural corrector band pushes your shoulders back so that they align with the spine. It relieves stress and relaxes the thoracic spine muscles, giving relief to the upper back.

Do not let a sedentary position all day to permanently damage your back. It quickly and easily relieves the terrible pain and tension such as:

  • back pain
  • osteoporosis
  • contracted shoulders
  • neck and shoulder pains
  • bad posture
  • the curvature of the spine
  • mild to moderate kyphosis
  • indigestion
  • irregular bowel

The postural corrector band maintains a better posture while you are sitting in front of the computer, standing, walking or running.

In short, it plays the role of mechanical support where muscles cannot keep the bones of the skeleton in the correct position.

One wonders why so many people fail to maintain a correct habitual posture while striving to stand upright. Why do some people need postural support? Why do others have a correct posture?

The first answer is sought in the muscles, that is, in the balance of the agonist and antagonist muscles that work synergistically to keep us straight. That’s why the first solution that comes to mind is to choose the best posture brace for rounded shoulders.

However, anyone who has tried this solution has certainly been very disappointed.

In fact, the regulation of the posture takes place through a neuro-biomechanical system that starts from the dental occlusion, so it is absurd to adjust posture using an external device such as a posture brace.

We must at least recognise it does not create damage as do postural corrective exercises or worse still sports.

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Why doesn’t the best posture brace for rounded shoulders exist?

There is no best posture brace for rounded shoulders because the way this tool works to correct posture is totally wrong.

Before acting on the postural system of our body we need to understand how it works. Only then can you act correctly.

According to Starecta, the body’s posture depends on the teeth or better on the dental occlusion. When the teeth of the upper and lower arches are in contact, the skull and the jaw become a solid structure. Thus the relationship between the skull and the jaw is reflected throughout the rest of the body through all the muscles of the stomatognathic apparatus.

We know that there are teeth between the skull and the jaw. Thanks to the symmetrical dental extrusion the face and the body reach symmetry. Furthermore, the correct extrusion of the teeth in the molar and premolar area allows the skull to remain in the correct position. An erect skull in the correct position, relative to the jaw, guarantees a correct posture to the spine.

rounded shoulders

The teeth are the key on which to act to correct posture. Once the correct signal is given to the dental occlusion, the body restores a correct posture by itself without the aid of any posture brace.

If dental heights are symmetrical then the masseter, temporal, supra and subioid muscles, sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, tongue and all swallowing muscles contract symmetrically. This neuromuscular symmetry automatically passes to all the underlying bone and neuromuscular structures with a cascading effect.

To get a clearer picture of how the body posture depends on the teeth you can read this article “the body posture depends on the teeth“.

Now that you understand how our postural system works, you will also understand why there can be no brace posture for rounded shoulders.

The only way to improve body posture is to use an instrument that interposes between the dental arches and gives two important signals for the postural biomechanical system:

  • symmetry signal of dental contacts in the premolar and molar area for a symmetrical posture
  • dental height signal in the premolar and molar area for an upright posture

This tool is called Rectifier and is currently the only tool able to work effectively on the body posture, just look at the countless testimonials that you can find at starecta.com.

buy rectifier starecta

How does the Plug & Play Rectifier work?

Let’s try to get a clearer understanding of how the Plug & Play Rectifier works and why it works much better than the posture brace for rounded shoulders

The Rectifier acts by activating the mandibular lever effect. In practice, the Rectifier acts as a fulcrum in the premolar and molar area, transforming the mandible from a third-class lever with a fulcrum in the TMJ area (Temporomandibular Joint), into a first-class lever in the molar and premolar area.

The Rectifier lever pushes the skull in a correct position with respect to the jaw just as the teeth would do if they were extruded correctly. 

When the mandibular lever is activated as a first-class lever, the Rectifier is able to push the skull back and up, stretching the spine and making it possible to correct the usual incorrect posture.

So if you want to correct your rounded shoulders, know that the best tool to use is the Starecta Rectifier.

plato powers

Wow! This is amazing. I can see and now feel all these destructive forces. Especially after digesting the material in the book. Thanks again for this ingenious discovery!

Plato Powers
United States
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-28 at 11.17.36

My situation was very bad. I had surgery on my knee and on other part of my body because of my poor posture. I applied this method and now my life has changed completely.

Simone Sincini

It really is amazing! I knew it would be good but i didn’t think it would be this good and work so fast.

Martez McDaniel
United States
Hellen Li

Finally I have no longer problems with my cervical muscles. With the Rectifier I feel perfectly straight, vice versa when I take it off my head tends to fall forward.

Hellen Li
francesco nuzzo

Finally for the first time in 20 years I have found a method to stretch my spine and definitively correct a pronounced lordosis that was causing me a lot of pain.

Francesco Nuzzo
dave rimkus

Day 2 and I am already feeling results. Both mornings my back has felt like it’s gotten a good stretch. My neck feels less tight. And everything from the torso up feels looser.

Dave Rimkus
United States
Audun Jemtland

I was like Moreno in first pic, and it corrected me tremendously in the 1st day. Unbelievable how much change happened in only 3 days.

Audun Jemtland

I feel very balanced and stable, with increased energy. I noticed my inner organs seemed to decompress. Overall i feel very good.

Franziska Altmann

Your product is delivering beyond what should be expected

Max Savin

When examined by two osteopaths both laying and sitting my left leg was longer than my right arm longer than the left. Immediately after inserting the Rectifier these became balanced.

Linda Louise
United Kingdom

I had almost constant neck and shoulder pain on my left side for 10+years. This is now loose as goose. I don’t even feel any desire to go to massages anymore.

Ken Leaver
United States

Feels like something miracle is happening in my body. My shoulder blades are opened having some pain in hips and low back. I think my body is remodeling.

Dr. Pradeep Jirage
Dentist, India

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