5 Questions your Chiropractor Must Be Able to Respond

5 questions chiropractor

It sounds incredible, but it’s true. Every day thousands of people with a scoliotic, kyphotic or lordotic spine call on individuals who do not have the slightest idea on how to correct their problems. These people do a lot of things: manipulate your body, practice massage, prescribe you repetitive physical exercises, they check you up every week but in the end nothing changes. In the end, your body does not receive any benefit from these practices.

Think about it; think about the past few weeks when you were visiting your chiropractor.

How much did the degree of your scoliosis reduce?
Which benefits did you receive?
Did you feel any physical relief? And for how long?
At the end of the therapy were you able to say “I don’t feel any pain”?

If you, as the absolute majority of those reading these lines, are answering to the above questions that you have not had any significant benefit, then there is a problem that must be solved. In fact if you really think about it you will have noticed a worsening of your body. I am sure that if you paid attention to your sensations, you have surely noticed it.

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Calling on the wrong figure to solve your back problems is the most harmful thing you can do to straighten your back. So, you should immediately interrupt such a relationship if you haven’t found it satisfactory.

Throwing away your time and energy on something that does not generate any benefit or that can even do more damage, is a really bad idea.

I am Moreno Conte, co-founder of Starecta that is the only method able to straighten a spine. In our academy we welcome people from all over the world including chiropractors, physiotherapists, dentists, doctors, university professors and so on.

We teach them the Starecta method so that they will be able to apply it to their patients.

That’s the reason why I wrote this report, because it could also be that your chiropractor has studied with us and already knows the method we teach. If that’s the case, then you can be assured that your spine will straighten up and that you will finally be able to live a normal life.

If the chiropractor or osteopath or physiotherapist studied the Starecta method, you can relax and fully rely on him.

I am writing this report for two main reasons:

# 1 If you noticed that the techniques that your chiropractor, physiotherapist or osteopath is practicing do not work, then maybe you’ll understand that it is better to turn to something more effective and, if so, I encourage you to get in touch with one of our former or current customers (through our online community) to understand how powerful the Starecta method is.

# 2 If the techniques that your chiropractor, physiotherapist or osteopath is practicing respect the canons of the Starecta method, then you have a way to better appreciate his work and in that case you should also invite your friends to visit him. He deserves all customers in the world.

So my interest in this report is not to make you lose confidence in your chiropractor (I’m a pacifist), but only to put everything in the right place. The goal is to reward people and practices that have a real beneficial impact on your life and reconsider practices that are useless or harmful.

Let’s go. What are the questions you’ll have to ask him?

1) Did he explain the mechanism that underlies the real straightening of a backbone?

This is a very important point because there is only one way to straighten a spine so you cannot go wrong. If your chiropractor knows it then you can sit pretty.

Otherwise you’d better run away because you may be in a lot of trouble.

You have to know that when you ask these questions he must answer in detail to show that he really understood the Starecta mechanism.

In practice, he must give a response of the kind: the only way to straighten a spine is through the insertion of a Rectifier in the mouth which, through a method called Starecta, straightens the skull, changes the occlusion and brings back the backbone in perfect symmetry.

The answer can’t be different. It can certainly vary in its form, but the essence has to be this.

If we want to be even pickier you can read the book “How I Finally Straightened My Spine Out” to ask him more specific questions and see if he really knows our method.

If his answers do not match with those of the Starecta method, you can be sure that he doesn’t have any clue on how to straighten a spine. He’s probably following old beliefs that have no scientific validity.

In this report I will not give you a lesson on posture, but I want to give you some tools to avoid you any disappointment in the search for a competent chiropractor, physiotherapist or osteopath.

Here are some words that should make you prick up your ears if you hear them from your chiropractor, dentist, posturologist, osteopath, physiotherapist or orthopedic.

Blacklist words:

– postural exercises
– Gerber Bite (or any other dental bite that are not Rectifier)
– Corset
– Orthopaedic insoles
– Manipulation
– Sports

If you hear one of these words get up immediately from the chair and run away from there without turning back. Some specialists are like Ulysses sirens, enchanting you with educated and incomprehensible words and then trapping you for your life.

If in the end you’re still not able to figure out if he knows the Starecta method or not then make him the ultimate question: “Have you read the book How I Finally Straightened My Spine Out?” If he did, ask him to show you the files on your computer.

2) Did he show you any photographs of his previous patients?

A very effective way to tell if your chiropractor, physiotherapist or osteopath is competent and knows what he is doing is to look at his previous successful cases. Does he have photographs of other patients he has treated?

How much were the curves corrected? Has the correction of the curves led to very dangerous muscular compensation? If these words mean nothing to you, continue reading below so that I can explain you better.

a) Do not give credit to photos where patients are wearing t-shirts

If the chiropractor, physiotherapist or osteopath shows you pictures of patients, before and after treatment, wearing t-shirts then run like hell. This is a typical technique to hide the truth. These patients have not improved their posture. What does it take to lift a t-shirt? Absolutely nothing, this is simply a very common practice among the self-styled specialists that has the aim of hiding the ineffectiveness of their method.

child posture

However there is no need to make this kid lift his t-shirt to understand that he has suffered serious damages because of chiropractic manipulation. In fact, as you may see in the photo with the t-shirt, his head looks upwards. This means that the manipulation has created a muscular compensation in the dorsal and cervical area without solving the original problem as the Starecta method does.

The compensation has generated serious muscle compression in the cervical, occipital, and especially in the atlantoaxial epistroifea area. This is where the spinal cord passes together with important innervations, the occipital and vertebral arteries and the carotid sinus.

With this situation if the chiropractor continues with the manipulations the patient might even risk a stroke. Here are some testimonials:




Or you can read this scientific article about it:


b) Be very careful if the curves are only reduced and not brought back in the ideal condition

If the curves are only reduced and not brought back in an ideal condition, as Starecta does, it means that you’re applying a typical muscular compensation technique. The muscular compensation is caused by physical or manipulative exercises that have the aim to strengthen muscles in one area and to relax them on the other.

This way the backbone is not straightened naturally, but it’s the muscles that are pushing it in the opposite direction. So, the patient develops a dangerous muscle asymmetry.

This means that these muscles are going to exert an asymmetric pressure against organs and veins that can compromise the normal human body functioning.

The risks are very serious as we have seen previously. Here are some of them: nausea, stroke, dizziness, body parts numbness, anxiety, breathing problems, etc.

c) Be very careful if you see a reduction in the curvature degree of a zone, but an increase elsewhere

If you see a reduction in the curvature degree of a zone, but an increase elsewhere that means that you are applying a muscular compensation. Take the case of a lumbar lordosis: in this case, the cervical lordosis increases with muscle treatment because you are trying in all ways to force the return of the skull to the rear, i.e. towards the imaginary axis which passes through the center of gravity.

The muscular compensation effect creates more damages that benefits, in fact the clavicles rise and the shoulder blades are pressed against the rib cage increasing the overall tensive state of the body. The first function to be affected is the breathing that becomes high and unsatisfactory precisely because of the pressure that has been created in all the muscles around the chest: infrascapular, trapezius, rhomboid pectoral, sternocleidomastoid, external rotators of the shoulder blades etc …

In a situation of muscular compensation, the dorsal area appears curve and forms the so-called hump or dorsal hump. Over time the lower back suffers this column change, that is unnatural and forced, reducing this way the infra vertebral space.

The chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist is delegating all the work to the muscles in order to return the skull in an upright position thus creating a mass of tense muscles that prevent the body from reaching a natural wellness.

posture issue children

Paradoxically, in the first picture on the left, the child has a better posture than on the last one. In fact in the first photo his posture is that naturally arranged by the body for the lesser power consumption and for his better health.

In fact in the first picture of the treatment the skull resides in the area where it intersects the vertical line passing through the center of gravity of the body. His cervical curve is definitely better than after treatment and the shoulder blades, although winged, are free to move and do not crush against the rib cage as is the last picture. The rest of the weight is distributed on a huge lumbar lordosis, which has improved in the last picture in a fictitious way at the expense of the back and neck.

However, you do not need a scientist to figure out that the boy had no significant improvement.

ray x chiro

Nonetheless, from the x-rays of another patient undergoing muscular compensation, this process is even more obvious: in fact scoliosis straightens at the expense of the clavicles and neck. The straightening of the column happens thanks to the fact that the muscles are pushing it towards the centre. But, as it always happens in these cases, the asymmetry is just moving elsewhere and in fact the patient’s neck is curved.

Why is this happening? Because if you don’t stretch the spine from above (using only the Starecta method), the available space won’t change and you will not solve anything at all. The spine needs space in vertical to be stretched and to eliminate scoliosis. (If you want to understand this mechanism, have a look at Body posture depends on teeth).

This vertical space can only be obtained with the Rectifier otherwise the spine, forced to be compressed in a small space, will ensure that even if scoliosis straightens, the problem will move somewhere else.

In this case the trunk has found space or outlet to the right. This is evident from the fact that the clavicles, which in the first picture were horizontal and relaxed, in the second picture have risen up (especially the left one). Vice versa the skull, which first was in line, has moved to the right. In fact the head that first was in axis on the centre of gravity has moved by several degrees to the right.

d) If an x-ray is cut it means that the chiropractor or osteopath is trying to hide the negative effects of the compensation.

As we said in the previous paragraphs the muscular compensation can produce very negative effects. For example in the next picture you can clearly see how the little boy, after being subjected to chiropractic manipulation, has more or less straightened the spine to the detriment of the cervical area and of the position of the skull.

Unfortunately musculoskeletal tensions have increased as well as the pressure between the vertebral discs. As we have discussed extensively in other articles and in the book (How I Finally Straightened My Spine Out), you cannot really stretch the spine if you do not create adequate space to do it (you have to use the Rectifier).

Trying to straighten the spine with chiropractic manipulation is like trying to get the shape of a square in a circle. It’s simply impossible! It will never happen! Look at what have they done to this boy. In order to straighten his back, they made his muscles compensate so much that, after manipulation, his skull is facing up.

Obviously these effects were wisely hidden in the x-ray where it seems that the column has been rectified. In fact the situation has worsened since before, when, at least, the body had found an acceptable condition of stasis. Chiropractic manipulation instead pushed the head to look up (classic muscular compensation effect) worsening the situation. Now this kid has an altered posture that causes him a waste of energy too.

So when some specialists will show you their results pay a lot of attention to these aspects because in many cases there is something wrong.

spine child posture

e) Does he have testimonies of older people and not only of children?

The majority of the so-called specialists showcases on their websites only photos of children because they generally are the most malleable, since they have much tender bones, muscles and tendons. Actually a method really works only if it is applicable to people of all ages.

In fact methods that contemplate muscular compensation do not have significant results on adults. It is harder for adults to compensate muscularly because the compensation has already occurred naturally over the years. So, it is unlikely to have further compensation.

So ask explicitly to be provided with photos of adults who have corrected their spine.

3) Do you have permission to contact directly his former patients in a community online or offline? Or at least did he give you their email addresses or phone numbers?

How are those customers that have treated long time ago? Have they worsened or have they returned to their initial situation? Have they developed pain in some other parts of the body?

These are things you have to know because in most cases the results that may occur are basically two and depend on the type of chiropractor you are talking to.

In fact you should know that there are two types of chiropractors:

– Those who are aware of the strong limitations of this discipline and they just limit therapies to the preservation of the current situation to prevent any possible worsening. If so, therapy will bring, in the best case, to an immediate benefit of the nervous and muscular relaxation. This benefit will last just for a little while, and then the situation will go back to its previous state. In short, it is useless.

– Those fanatics who want to straighten the spine at all costs. In this case, chiropractic is very detrimental to the body, especially in the long term. Because it increases the tensive-muscular state of the whole body reducing its mobility. In the long term it generates pain in the tensest parts, herniations, tearing and decreased mobility. These effects can lead to stroke and even death.

Chiropractic alone is useless or even harmful. It should be applied together with the Starecta method. This is the only way it can provide a real benefit to people’s health.

4) How long does he take to straighten your back?

How quickly is your chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist promising to straighten your spine? If he promises to do so in less than four months, he is definitely one that applies the muscular compensation technique and, so, you have to stay away.

In previous sections we have seen how dangerous can be muscular compensation. In fact, to straighten a spine it takes at least one year in the best cases. Then, to bring the body back in perfect symmetry you have to wait even longer. Starecta times are very long, but at the end the body becomes like a Lamborghini.

Sorry to tell you, but, as in all things, if you want to bring structural and permanent changes to your body you need time. There are no shortcuts or special lanes.

If you are a person who wants to be “adjusted roughly” in a short time do not call on Starecta. If you want to do things quickly, you just need a corset or something to keep you approximately straight like muscle compensation.

5) Can he show similar or even better results than those of Starecta?

If he had passed all the previous questions make sure that his results are equal to or better than those of Starecta. This is the most important part because in the end your goal is to get back to having a good life and being successful in sports, relationships and career.

So in the end everything is enclosed in this question. Compare his results with those of Starecta. If his results are the same it means that he applied the Starecta method and you can feel comfortable. Conversely if they are worse it means that he applies muscular compensation and then run like hell without ever looking back.

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