4) Posture Depends on Dental Height

As stated previously, the stability of the skull depends on correct dental support. If dental support is inadequate the skull tends to collapse. In the event that the skull comes to fall the spine undergoes changes proportional to the extent of the collapse of the skull. As a result there are musculoskeletal compensatory measures of a descending kind.

To the extent that dental height is lacking, that much more will the skull tend to sink and that much more will changes in the physiological curvature of the spine increase.

As a result, according to this theory, typical postural problems derive from the collapse of the skull, which doesn’t have adequate dental support. For this reason the only way to prevent the occurrence of postural problems is by means of an apparatus for the teeth.

Because of this cause-and-effect relationship between skull, jaw and spine it is possible to intervene by means of the help of a “Rectifier” placed on the lower arch, which substitutes for the lack of the height of the teeth.

This Rectifier, by means of a specific methodology, is capable of bringing the skull back to an upright position and aligning it with the vertical. This returns the skull to its proper position and allows the spine to stretch and, as it extends, allows kyphosis, lordosis and scoliosis to disappear, and, as a result, all related problems.

In these two pictures (10 and 11), taken in March 2012, wherein the individual (myself) is shown in profile (sagittal view) we can see my serious postural problems. This individual presents with the following curvature deformations: cervical lordosis, thoracic kyphosis, and lumbar lordosis.

moreno profile 2
moreno profile


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