30) Perspectives

I could continue to give thousands of other examples, but it would be useless to do so. It’s very clear: a method like this contains within it possibilities, as yet unexplored, that lead me to imagine a new era for mankind.

We have learned that perfect posture makes the human body super-efficient, capable of undertaking any type of activity with little expenditure of energy.

We have learned that perfect posture noticeably reduces the possibility that this bio-machine (the human body) might break down in some way (for example, through sports injuries, ailments, lack of concentration, development of chronic illnesses, etc.)

Yet, up to now, no human being has succeeded in achieving such a physiological condition. Only a few fortunate ones are able to come close to such a condition (great sportsmen, models, a few actors). Often such individuals are successful athletes, people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Usain Bolt, or perhaps the soccer player, Javier Zanetti.

Compared to “common” human beings those people listed above almost appear to be superior beings.

A few of them never seem to grow old; they continue to accumulate successes in their professional lives, maintaining the highest level of performance throughout the course of their lives.

But from today, things are changing. Now it is possible to bring about a state of perfect posture by means of biomechanical equilibrium and a specific methodology.

A symmetrical and well-balanced body allows a human being to have perfect posture. Such a condition can give every human being the possibility of achieving great results in every field.

With a well-balanced physique anyone can excel and achieve success in the activities that he loves.

In fact, we have learned that the fundamental physical characteristics that make successful people the way they are, are essentially these three:

– perfect posture and a symmetrical body

– facial and bodily symmetry on the frontal plane

– a perfectly straight back , provided with harmonious, physiological curves on the sagittal plane

Symmetry and a straight back really do constitute the fundamental elements of a successful, fulfilled life.

One sees, in these famous figures, how well-developed and symmetrical their jaws are.

balanced person
balanced body schwarzenegger
balanced face zanetti
unbalanced starecta evolution

Now I am finally returning to life again and am leaving that difficult time behind me. Slowly I am starting to play ball again, to go for long walks and to eat with a healthy appetite.

As regards my appearance, I now stand up straighter, am healthier and thus, better looking. This has allowed me to have confidence in myself again and to get involved in what’s going on.

I hope this book can be a help to others who are suffering at this time, and can help those who want to improve their own performance in every area of their lives.


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